Friday, September 17, 2021

Finished or Not Finished Friday! #65

 So you are all tired of seeing this quilt! But it is Done and Done! Washed , dried and waiting to hang at the local quilt show!

I’d like to hang it with the single pink block in the upper right hand corner. But part of the backing is a word print, and Mr Busy just couldn’t hold it “upside down from his point of view! ....Oh, BTW!   Today is his birthday! I told him he could do whatever he wanted!  It's cold (43) here this am and windy, so probably he won't be flying airplanes. But we will see.... 

Then I folded it and hung it to show the four different colored corners. Just because! 

I am so pleased with it! 

I’m linking up with Alycia at Finished or Not Finished Friday!

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy!


  1. Beautiful quilt and scrappy binding is the perfect touch. Oh yes, please. I do the four corners shot every time.

  2. As well you should be so pleased ;)))--it turned out beautifully--nice work...
    hugs, Julierose

  3. Can't get enough of this quilt, Judy, as it is SEW gorgeous!!

  4. I am not tired, love your quilt and the photo of the four different colored corners is so cool. My husband also love to fly airplanes.
    Happy birthday to Mr. Buzy.

  5. Happy Birthday Mr Busy!!
    and holee cow - NO I am not tired of that one - It is Beautiful!!!