Tuesday, September 28, 2021

To-Do Tuesday #58


To-Do Tuesday is hosted by Texas Quilt Gal. Thanks, Linda for giving us this place to list our to-dos and to share with others. Let's see how I did!

Last Week  September 21st - September 27th

1.Find some fabric for the backing of En Provence. ✅

Yikes! Makes me dizzy up close! :p

It's not my first choice, but it is purple and I had enough for a back without having to piece something. That was a win-win for me. 

2. Continue sewing rows of Hollow Nine Patches. Nope! :(

3. Yellow and Gray Project. ✅.  

 Made a start. I'm making yellow crumb blocks. 

I was the lucky winner of Kelly Young's newest book, Scrappy Improve Quilting. And it  was my inspiration. 

I had ordered this book   Crumb Quilts by Emily Bailey in August I think. She featured it on her facebook page before it was due for release. There are some great quilts in this book too! 

4. Read and Stitch on Autumn Embroidery ✅  

I finished The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian by Sherman Alexie. 
The Front

This is how the book came from my library. I thought it was very clever. It is Banned Books Week! this week!

The back

I gave the book 4/5 stars. It wouldn't be everyone's taste. But I'm open to lots of different stories. This book deals with family, friendship, alcoholism, racism, and poverty.

and I stitched on my Autumn stitchery. ✅

Only the bird’s beak and the centers of the flowers left to do! Tonight should be a good time to finish that little bit up. Then a good pressing and it will be ready for borders.

Next week -  September 28th - October 4th

1. Keep working on Birds of a Feather: yellow and gray project

2. Hollow 9-patches into rows!  

3. Autumn Stitchery : borders? 

4. Mail Covered in Love blocks to Kat

5. Make one more Growing Up Odd block! 

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy! 


  1. Looking forward to seeing where you are going with the yellow and gray project. I think Kelly's new book will be on my wish list for Christmas. I like that you added reading to your To Do list. I read every day at least for a little while. I often listen to books while in the studio. I'm addicted to reading and quilting!

  2. So glad you won a copy of Kelly's book, Judy! There are lots of great little quilts in there. I've been curious about Emily's book, too. And what could you be making with those yellow crumb blocks? :) I live your Autumn embroidery - you're the reason why I had to stitch a pumpkin this week!

  3. Those are pretty yellow crumbs! Congrats on the book - I've eyed that a few times, and it looks like a great book. Your autumn embroidery is beautiful.
    Thanks for linking to To Do Tuesday!