Thursday, September 16, 2021

I LIKE Thursday #61

 In no particular order my likes follow! I’m joining  LeeAnna over at Not Afraid of Color to list some likes from recent days! Join us? Just let LeeAnna know and she will add your link to her post. 

When I was at the library last week picking up my reserved books, they had some yards sign available. I gladly took one. Mr Busy had to help me put it together, I’m challenged like that! 

These daily quotes show up on Facebook. Some are worth remembering!

Last Saturday, Mr Busy and I took a road trip to a town 90 miles west of us! We wanted to check in and see the planes at their R/C club’s annual Fly-in or Fun Fly! 

It was a lovely day, though a bit breezy! That dark spot in the top photo is my thumb! Not a storm cloud!!


Some of the trees are starting to turn. Their elevation is different than ours. It’s actually lower by 800 feet, but we always say we’re going up to Sheridan! The city sits in a little beautiful valley! 

Through the windshield!

This is a favorite place where Mr. Busy and I stop to eat lunch, when we do take-out! 

This statue is a little girl sitting on a log. Just after I put my phone down , two muskrats playing tag ran across the opening in the grass at the lake's edge. We’d never seen that before! Fun! 

My neighbor with all the sunflowers also planted some morning glories! They have just finally started to bloom in the early morning sunshine? So pretty and a lovely shade of blue….I think periwinkle! 

A squishy package arrived from Preeti! I was a lucky winner of a scrap bag from her stash, for participating in the Positivity QAL! She’s going to do it again next year! So if you didn’t get a chance to make a Positivity quilt this year! Give it a go next year! 

Look at all this wonderful scary goodness! Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and I are overjoyed! 

I’m stitching with friends again today! I love that we are able to meet in our library! Maybe next week I’ll have a project to show! 

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy! 


  1. Ooo, that is a very nice assortment of fabric prints! Seeing remote control planes are worth a long ride.

  2. I love your library sign! We also loved visiting Sheridan years ago when our kids were little. We camped there a night or two on our way to Yellowstone. Great win for your Positivity quilt!

  3. Hi Judy! What a fun package of squishiness. Those prints are fab!! Congrats on winning in the QAL - I'm starting another donation quilt with the FQ bundle I won. With a different block this time. {{Hugs}} Your library sounds like a wonderful happening place. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Pretty flowers. Fun planes. Love the fabrics!

  5. Wonderful flowers! Loved that statue! Congrats on winning the QAL! Looks wonderful!

  6. You and Mr. Busy have been busy, :) Being me I wanted to see or hear about that take out food.LOL But the views were so pretty too and imagine getting to watch muskrats playing. Congrats on the to have a look through your package.

  7. LOL the library sign....I get merchandisers at the store that are cardboard that take a PHD to get them put it made me giggle. You and Mr. Busy have been having some fun adventures. What a neat little statue.