Tuesday, August 3, 2021

To-Do Tuesday #50

Good Morning! I’m here to share my weekly to-do list! Chris is on vacation, lucky lady! I’ve not heard if anyone is hosting a Linky Party! But I’ll share mine anyway and link up later if I can. 

edit: Linking up with Melva Loves Scraps!    Thanks Melva!

Let’s see how last week list went!

Week of  July 27 to August 3rd  (should have been Aug 2nd)

1. Do dark blue blocks for July for Full Stop at So Scrappy! ✅

There are eight, 

2.  Construct binding for Positivity Quilt…C&ABB! ✅  

It's all stitched and pressed and coiled into my Binding Basket. Think I'd better hang the tail over the handle so I don't forget what is in this basket! LOL

3. Do one more Flag star block for Covered in Love! ✅

One more was finished, and then because all the pieces were cut, 3 more were added!

On the design wall with the dark blue colon blocks for Full Stop!

Bonus: Make another Growing Up Odd block ✅

These blocks are huge...18" I think. I need 25 for a 90x90 quilt. Note to self," try not to put light squares on the outside edge. They disappear in the sashing."

Next weeks to do list
1. Mail 8 flag centered star blocks to Kat at Covered in Love. 
2. Start assembling the backing for August OMG!  
3. Put Hollow 9's on the design wall to see how many more blocks are needed! Make Aqua blocks of needed, if not decide on Table Scraps Project in Aqua! 

See you next week! 

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy


Monday, August 2, 2021

August One Monthly Goal

 My goal for August seems like a simple one!  Years ago,  I embroidered a preprinted, prequilted baby quilt! For our youngest grandchild! I spent a lot of time on it! Although I hate to say it, I never gave it to my daughter. She was in a bad place, relationship wise and I was afraid it would be misused, or forgotten somewhere! Probably selfish of me. I saved it. Now, that granddaughter is 28 years old, engaged and in a good place. I want to give it to her when she starts her family! I hate that the stitches are exposed on the back! I wasn't a good enough stitcher to bury all the threads. 

My goal is to piece a flannel backing, baste it, then tack it down by machine and put a more colorful binding on it! It was white! A friend told me her steps to do this and I want to get it done! 

The original binding is removed. 

I'm linking up at Elm Street Quilts!  Thanks, Patty for this challenge.

Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal August Link-up

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy 

Saturday, July 31, 2021

ScrapHappy Saturday Last of the Darks!


Happy Last Saturday of July to everyone!  I did sew with a bit of dark blue this week.

Star points on the flag block. This is #5 for Covered in Love's July/August Block Drive. If you want to learn more about this wonderful organization, click here. 

Then the star block was bordered in dark blue grunge to bring it up to 12.5" unfinished. 

I also cut and joined the 8 strips of dark blue batik for the binding for my positivity quilt. My quilter returns home on Sunday. I'll give her a day or two to catch up on her laundry etc. Then she will start on quilting both Positivity's Cappuccino and a Blueberry Bagel and Rainbow Geese Migration. 

I still need to press it in half and put it in my binding basket! 

I found 3 red strawberries this morning when I was watering. I don't harvest many, I share with the birds and the bunnies!  I have a dark blue teapot shaped trivet that sits on my counter all the time. Sort of keeping with the blue theme this month! LOL,

And a really bad photo of the dark blue colon blocks for Full Stop! I haven’t sewn them into a row yet! I was rearranging. Looks like two of my divider strips need a good press! 

I’m linking up with Angela at ScrapHappy Saturday! If I get the strip of dark blue punctuation mark blocks sewn together, I’ll edit this! 

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy 

Friday, July 30, 2021

I LIKE Thursday #54

                            Yay! It’s Thursday!

I’m joining friends at Not Afraid of Color to share “likes” and good “stuff”! 

Mr Busy washed both vehicles this week! I like that he maintains clean, neat inside vehicles. While we were at the car wash, I spotted these pretty baskets!  I think it’s nice that whom ever is “working at the car wash” helps maintain a pleasant place! 

My neighbor asked me to raid her zucchini patch while she was out of town. Only one small one to sauté, one made zucchini boats filled with shredded pork and topped with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes! Sorry, no pictures. But they were yummy. 

The others were grated and 2 cups went into a Cinnamon Zucchini cake and the rest in the freezer! 

I participated in Sandra’s Follow Your Own Path QAL in from April 3rd to June 15th. I was lucky enough to win a prize. A roll of Hobbs Q-sized batting! I was thrilled. Sandra mailed my prize the end of June from Canada! I finally received it on July 24th! Luckily I have Informed Delivery with the USPS, and was just about to try to contact the USPS , when I saw it started to move.  Thanks Sandra and Hobbs Batting! 

My neighbor planted sunflowers and pumpkins and some beans in her front yard. See the photo below! She brought me a sunflowerin a water bottle tied with an orange ribbon and 6 homemade chocolate chip cookies. That put a smile on my face and Mr Busy was excited about the cookies. He walked their dog for 3 days while they were at a family reunion. 

Guess that’s all for this week! Click on over to LeeAnna’s blog, Not Afraid of Color and see what good things are happening around the blogosphere! 

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy 

ps:  as I opened blogger Friday morning, I noticed I hadn’t actually  published my post for Thursday. I usually schedule it the night before. Seems like I missed a step. We had a leak under the kitchen sink Wednesday night ( I may have been distracted) and I was away from home all day Thursday! I hope to peek in on the other I Like Thursday participants this weekend! 

July Table Scraps Challenge and Finished or Not Finished Friday!



The RSC Color for July is dark blues. Or dark neutrals, Angela suggested!  As I was making my Positivity QAL blocks using a Bali Pops bundle (Bali Pops are pre-cut 2.5” strips of batiks) I found the strips were cut skimpily.  They are beautiful fabrics! They were WOF . They were darks. Blacks and browns, and also some yellow golds were included! I love the bundle and had been saving it for a long time!  Then,  I had a mishap cutting a set of strips for the plus blocks. They were supposed to be 6.5 inches. I cut them at 5.5, by accidentally measuring from the wrong end of a ruler. If you are not paying attention, a nine (9) can look deceivingly like a six(6). Oy vey! 

Luckily I had enough of the other strips to complete my Positivity blocks! But I had more strips! I had admired a table runner posted about by  Nancy at Grace and Piece Quilting. Check out her Dandy Candy table runners here. Hers used gorgeous Japanese fabrics. She responded to my comment on her blog by telling me how to get the pattern. It’s from Pieced Tree Patterns. And so I ordered it. It uses 5 inch X 2.5 inch rectangles. I had some of those and the left overs from the cutting of Positivity! So voila! All from that bundle of cappuccino colored strips. And there is more left over.

I took this photo on our living room sofa. It looks good there. I think it will end up on the buffet at the beginning of August! I am so pleased with it. I used 3 different black strips to do the binding. And I sewed it all by machine. It was easy and I think it looks good. 

 It’s hard to see the top stitching on the black binding! I attached it on the back and turned it to the front to stitch down. 

This is the back. You can barely see the black stitching on the edge! I used black Masterpiece thread in the bobbin, so it shows a little on the back. But, hey! It’s the back!  It’s pieced and not stunning anyway. Next time, I’ll try using a better blender thread color. 

OMG! Do you see what I see? A whole panel of brown rectangles unquilted! 


Not too noticeable from the front, just to the right of the vertical yellow gold strip. But I think I’ll go back and finish it!

This Table Scraps Challenge , this year, has really helped use up some stash, try some techniques that I would be reluctant to try on a regular quilt. I’ve gotten better at quilting on my DSM. I’m excited to continue. Wonder what August's project will be?  What color will it be?

I'm linking up with Joy at The Joyful Quilter. Her linky party will go live on July 30th and run til August 2nd. 

And since this is my only finish this week, I’m linking up with ,Alycia Quilts, also!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

TO-DO Tuesday #49

 I’m joining some blogging friends this morning at ChrisKnits. Every Tuesday she gives us this space to commit to a list of items to accomplish and also to report on how we did last week. Thanks Chris! 

Last week’s list:

1. Keep working on Spool Quilt border #2 ✅

2. Quilt and bind Table Scraps  Challenge.✅

3.  Decide on binding for Positivity Quilt! ✅

I found a dark blue batik in my stash. It will be enough and perfect, I think!

Next week July 27 to August 3rd

1. Do dark blue blocks for July for Full Stop at So Scrappy!

2.  Construct binding for Positivity Quilt…C&ABB!

3. Do one more Flag star block for Covered in Love! 

Bonus: Make another Growing Up Odd block

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy 

Monday, July 26, 2021

July OMG. A Finish!!


My OMG for July was in two parts:

Part 1.   Get a binding on Go Your Own Way!

 Part 2.   Spool quilt border #2

Part 1:   Finish the binding on FYOP or as I renamed mine Go Your Own Way! 

Didn't my quilter do a great job in the quilting. It’s a pantograph called, Apollo! 


Part 2 border on spool quilt. 

I thought I was further along on this project. I thought I had all the shapes fused and cut out. I did not!

I got out border #1 and discovered I missed a set of buds and leaves.  It’s all stitched down. 

This is the right side border!  See where I circled in green? The spacing is wrong. There should be some buds there. 

This is the placement sheet from Edyta Sitar. I don’t know how I didn’t notice that!  Again, I circled in green. 

I did get the left hand border done. Thanks Diann from Little Penguin Quilt for your vote of confidence.

I will decide later, if I need to add to the right hand border. Or just how I will do that! 

Maybe it doesn't look too out of balance.?    

But I am done with the 2nd border and I am linking up with Patty @

Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal - July Finish Link-up

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy