Tuesday, April 20, 2021

To-Do Tuesday #36


Chris over at ChrisKnits  provides this place for us to list some goals and a place to be accountable. I really like this opportunity to share and to see what others are doing. 

Last week's list.  April 13 - April 19

1. Continue working on table runner! Done✅

 I’m in the process of quilting! 

2. Make blue asterisk block or two. Done ✅

I actually got all 6 done and sewn into a row! 

3. Cut fabric for Follow Your Own Path QAL!   Done ✅

Ready to sew! 
4. Finish the Blue Geese Migration block, and add to the list.  Done ✅

My list says I need 2 more, but I need orange, or rust, or burgundy, so I'll wait for those colors or I'll just add two more and get to making a flimsy! I'm leaning toward done!

Next Week's List -     April 20 - April 26

1.  Finish Table Scraps April challenge and post! 

2.  Trace some of the designs for the Crabapple project! 

3. Sew some seams on Follow Your Own Path.

4. Piece a backing for Garlic Knots 

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Blues, blues and more blues!


I finally got all 6 of my blue asterisks done for the Full Stop sampler. 

They haven't been trimmed. I am waiting for a proper ruler! 

This one on the right is one I attempted to trim and I am not satisfied. 

Also this is the last blue Geese Migration block and the collection on my design wall. I need another reddish orange and a rust orange or a dark burgundy.  I also need background fabric. Hopefully Ill be able to fill those holes when I go pick up my machine at the dealer in Rapid City. They have fabric!!!

I'm linking up with Angela's ScrapHappy Saturday and also with Cynthia's Oh Scrap.  The geese migration pattern is Cynthia's. 

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy

Thursday, April 15, 2021



It’s been pretty normal and boring in our neck of the woods.  Not much to put on an "I Like" post! 

One kind of fun thing.  

We had decided to sell our camper! Seems like this is the time of year to do that...spring and summer are surely going to get here! We cleaned it out! Big job. Took some photos. 

Mr Busy stopped by the  local camper sales lot and talked to the owner. Because of what DH wanted for it, the owner suggested we list it on Facebook. We’ve never done that, so jumped in not expecting much! It posted at 10AM on Friday. DH had 2 inquiries within 20 min. By 2:00 PM, we had the $$ in the bank and had the seller part of the title notarized. Mr. Busy delivered it to the buyer’s home and it was a done deal!

My Christmas cactus or maybe Easter cactus is blooming! 

And so is the cutting I took to our son in  California! 

He’s better at photos than I am. And he has a real camera, not just a phone, 

The gas company came and replaced our gas meter yesterday! No charge! It’s something they do periodically, but apparently ours hadn’t been done for awhile. The service guy said it was really old! I stepped out back yesterday, to take a photo before it snows again. 1 to 6 inches expected tonight through Friday night!😣  PS:  It is snowing as I publish this post!

Oh oh! Looks like there is house painting in our future. That looks awful! 

I'm glad we are Amazon Prime members! I can just order a 6.5” square up ruler and not have to drive to JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby! It’ll be here Monday. I’ll sew more asterisk blocks and wait to trim them up! 

I cut some fabric on Tuesday!  For Sandra's Follow Your Own Path QAL. It’s all bagged up and ready to sew! I want to wait til my regular machine is home! I’m having trouble keeping a 1/4” seam on my back up machine! I hope to go pick it upon the 21st.

That’s all the fun likes I can come up with! Head on over to LeeAnna’s blog, Not Afraid of Color and link to the other participants in I LIKE THURSDAY!

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

To-Do Tuesday #35


Let's see how I did last week!  Then I'll link this week list over at ChrisKnits  Join us over there. 

Last week:   April 6 - April 12

1. Keep working on the table runner.  Done ✅ 

Needs to be basted and quilted!

2. Sew some hollow nine patches  Done ✅ 

3. Cut fabric for a Geese Migration block Done

4. Get 1 needed fabric for Sandra’s QAL- Follow Your Own Path. Done


Actually, I came home with two fabrics.  The solid orange and the light aqua with X's. 

Next weeks list.  April 13 - April 19

1. Continue working on table runner!
2. Make blue asterisk block or two.
3. Cut fabric for Follow Your Own Path QAL!
4. Finish the Blue Geese Migration block, and add to the list. 

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Light Blue Bucket Runneth Over


My light blue bucket is FULL! 

So I cut pieces for a light/bright blue Geese Migration block. 

And I sewed 2 hollow nine patches.


Sewed some bright blue with some other colors! 

Yup, there will be some sunny yellow, butterflies, flowers!

And when you daydream about summer and  sun and flowers,  and how you can get everything on your list finished..

This can happen... so out came the seam ripper and this was quickly remedied. 

I'm linking up with ScrapHappy Saturday at So Scrappy!  Come see all the blue happening!

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy!  

Finished or Not Finished Friday #51


I decided to number my posts to Finished or Not Finished Friday. It helps me keep track. I went back to when Alycia first started to host! 

This week I have a “not finished” as in my table runner challenge! I’m only going to show bits and pieces.

I know! It looks pretty bad! But look what can happen when you’re in a hurry or you’re not really paying attention! 

I did finish 2 International Sisters blocks. 

That’s all that I accomplished sewing wise! I did clean out the camper to get it ready to sell! I took 2 carloads of stuff to the second hand store and washed multiple loads of laundry! And I helped Mr Busy list it on Facebook Marketplace and our Area Classified. It sold in 4 hours!! Wow!

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy!

Thursday, April 8, 2021

I Like Thursday #38


 I’m joining friends over at Not Afraid of Color to share good things this Thursday. 


Mr Busy and I finished this fun puzzle! It was mostly his doing, but I placed some pieces and he let me put in the last 15!

We’ve started another, but it not going as well! 

We have been watching Season 2 of For All Mankind. Have you seen it? 

And also, This Is Us, Chicago Wednesday, on prime time tv and now Tehran, also on AppleTV+.


I baked cookies. A recipe from a friend. White Chocolate Cran-pecan cookies. They are so good. And the Cookie Monster, a.k.a. Mr. Busy has been enjoying them! That is why I bake them. 

We had ham, roasted sweet potatoes, Harvard beets and Watergate salad for Easter. It was just the two of us! 

I did hang some April/ Easter wall decor. 

The wrinkles are showing on this one. Guess I should have given it a good press before I hung it up!
It's a Kathy Schmitz design, I have one for every month. 

This is a Patchabilities pattern. I used my own fabric. Some I have bought as kits, others just patterns. 

And another bit of good news...The Sewing Center called last night at supper time. My Bernina is done. So now we need to pick a day and drive over and get it. Hooray! 

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy!