Saturday, February 8, 2020

Finished or Not Friday and some orange bits

5 columns of garlic knots are webbed this morning. So no finishes but progress at least!


This is IT for Orange this week!  One Geese Migration block almost together and 2 hollow 9-patches done, with some more 2" squares cut.

I'm using both of these as leaders and enders as I web the Garlic Knot blocks. My sewing time is limited and precious, got to make it all count.

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Stay Busy and Stay Happy

Monday, February 3, 2020

Feb OMG On Deck

My goal for February is to get all the garlic knot blocks that have been my leaders and enders project for the last couple of years to a quilt top or flimsy!

I started by putting them up on the design wall like this!

I took a grey scale photo and moved around a few but settled on this. I carefully labeled each block, then took them down off the wall and put them in a project box. I needed to finish my Temperature Quilt and Christmas was approaching and our house guests had moved in.

In the mean time, I spent some time looking at blogs and Pinterest and decided I liked this layout better.
This is a photo from Pinterest

So out of the box they came and  back on the design wall in original order. I thought I would just rearrange, so my color distribution was similar.

Here is what I got! ☹️

Not right at all! And there is that weird grayish one in the middle !

I studied the photo on Pinterest, I studied my arrangement. I took pictures of my design wall. FINALLY !  A light bulb went off. Kind of like in the cartoons!  Duh!!  I had changed the direction of every other row, but what I needed to do was change the direction of each block in each row in order to get the intersecting "links".  I fixed it but  neglected to take pictures. Columns 3-8 are back in the project box.  Columns 1 and 2 are webbed and on the design wall, patiently waiting for me to have or maybe take the time to finish.  

If I make it my February OMG, I will TAKE the time! 

Notice my hollow 9 patches in light/bright green for the RSC20 . Green was January's color, but I am behind on everything. And technically I am writing this post on the 30th of January, so I am under the wire. LOL!

I will link this up with Patty's February OMG link up page on the February 1st. 3rd!

Stay Busy and Stay Happy

ps: stay warm is you are in the path of this current storm. Our schools are on a 2 hour delay this morning and I wouldn't be surprised if they closed completely. 5 more inches are expected and accompanying wind!

Saturday, February 1, 2020

I'm On Board!

I finally downloaded the button info for RSC20.  I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to post to this event until my house guests had relocated. But I have found some bits of alone time and some bits of scraps.

Some green for January:

Green   Geese Migration blocks. I have been wanting to do these for the last couple of years. So 2020 is the year for them. These are 10.5 inches unfinished.

Also some hollow 9 patches made with 2" squares, these are 5.5 unfinished. So these will be in the queue for a while.


and orange.

Stay Busy and Stay Happy
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Friday, January 31, 2020

Finished or Not Friday! This week a definite NOT!

I am linking this post to Alycia Quilts. 

Nothing has been finished this week. Some starts have been made.

I dug out the garlic knot blocks and put them on the design wall with the intent to rearrange them to a more pleasing setting. This is what I got!

Not more pleasing and not what was in my mind. And I noticed some ODD configuration of colors. Ummmm!  Back to the drawing board, sort of.

I fiddled and fiddled and finally it dawned on me what was the matter. Every other row doesn't change direction every block changes direction. So..... the first two columns are webbed and on the design wall. The rest of the blocks are in the project box, clipped in column order!  This will be completed in February!

Also there are 7 hollow 9-patches in the January color of light/bright green. 

And there are 2 geese migration blocks in green ... but I am unhappy with my execution of the geese parts.  More practice I guess.

And a start has been made toward digging through the orange scraps. In anticipation of February Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Lately, finding sewing room time has been difficult. I keep trying, though.

Stay Busy and Stay Happy

Saturday, January 25, 2020

January OMG Finish - Temperature Quilt 2019 to quilt top stage

Linking up to Finish Link Up at Elm Street Quilts. Pop on over there to see what everyone else got done in January!

My January OMG is to the flimsy stage!

This was my goal. To complete December and add it to November and put a black border around the whole thing.

Not much else has happened in my sewing room. I did get my garlic knot blocks out of the project box. More on that fiasco later.

I am searching for backing and trying to line up a quilter to get this temperature quilt to the next stage and ready for binding (or facing) and embellishment!. Soon I hope!

Until next time
Stay Happy and Stay Busy

Friday, January 17, 2020

Small finished and the next step to a bigger finish.

A couple of finishes and one not yet!

Some time ago,  I mentioned a use of flannel scraps. I had bits and pieces of leftovers from several baby quilts. So, I can't throw them, I made a good sized square.

Then it went back in the drawer.
Now that our great grands have moved it, and Miss B received another baby for Christmas......Gwamma needed to finish that project. I looked through my bin of larger flannel pieces and found a cute pink monkey print. It was big enough.

So I cut it to size, put right sides together, left an opening and did a flip and turn.  Then put bright pink thread on the machine, and did some decorative stitching around the edge and a serpentine stitch, in thirds.

It's being used and that is the goal, always!

And the only other "finish" was to get the label on my Bowtie quilt. Mr Busy and I took a quick road trip to South Dakota last weekend. A chance to get away for a bit and rest. So no sewing was done, but this hand work was completed yesterday at my Thursday Stitchers group!

There is a scrap of washi tape over the quilters last name and mine. Just for privacy!

Last but not least the final borders are on my 2019 Temperature Quilt. It needs to be backed and quilted. Then I will applique the year in the upper black border and add tiny buttons on the family birth dates. I am thinking about a stripe of the color range on the back. That isn't done yet, as I haven't decided on backing fabric and who will quilt this 51 x 52 quilt.

This is hanging in the hall at the bottom of our stairs. I can't get far enough to get it all in one shot. So here is the top 2/3s and:

here is the bottom 2/3s. You can see the end of the railing on the right! GEE!

None of these are necessarily post worthy, certainly not Whoop Whoop worthy, but at least they are documented.

I'll link up to Finished or Not Friday at Alycia Quilts
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Stay Busy and Stay Happy

Saturday, January 4, 2020

A New Chapter, New Goals, New Adventure

Happy New Year to all!!

I am excited to be setting goals again this year! It really helps me stay on task! I have had to leave a local group that has been my main group of quilting friends. Maybe I’ve gotten too old? Too set in my ways? Too selfish?

Whatever the reason, I don’t look forward to the gatherings, so I “took my leave”. I am looking forward to connecting on this and other blog posts.

Some of you know Mr Busy and I have house guests for the next several months!  Our oldest granddaughter and her husband and their 2 children have moved in with us! It has been an adjustment for all!

I have only been to my sewing machine once, to stay-stitch around a large flannel crumb block, that will become Miss B’s babydoll blankie! And I have stitched up a torn sleeve seam in Jojo’s winter coat and restitched the Pom Pom on Mama’s knit hat!

My January One Monthly Goal will be to finish the December row on my temperature quilt and add it to the rest, to make it to “quilt top”, or “unquilted wall hanging” stage. That is, not quilted and bound, but ready for those steps. I think I want to try facing it, so will read up on that technique. It's not a lofty goal, but doable under the circumstances.

This is a poor photo, but I am in the basement, trying to be quiet and getting this post ready! 
                November is the long strip to the right. December is in pieces and not complete.

I'm linking up with Patty's January Goal Setting Post at Elm Street Quilts. And I'll be checking out the other goals being set and cheering you on.

Stay Busy and Stay Happy