Tuesday, June 22, 2021

To Do Tuesday #45


I'm joining some friends to share my to do list at ChrisKnits. Come see what others accomplished this week!

June 15 - June 21

1. Sew purple hollow 9 patch    #3  Done

2. Keep working on Geese Migration blocks.   Done

Rows 1-4 are joined and on the hall design board. I can't reach the top right hand corner of my sewing room design wall with out a stool. And I did not go get the step stool. I will finish rows 5,6,7 and then join the two triangular pieces.  That's my plan at least. 

Rows 5 and 6. Row 7 is one block and under my needle. 

3. Get label sewn on H2H Hometown Hero quilt, so I can give it to Becky when she gets home on Friday!    Done

Personal information redacted!
And wrinkly! I washed and dried it to make sure the dark brown didn’t run! 

Label is attached to the corner. I don't have photos of when I gave it to her. There were too many hugs and tears!

4. Work on Table Scraps Challenge.  Done   See Friday post for more detail. 

5. Bonus:  cut more Plus fabrics for more Positivity blocks    Done

Enough for 12 more blocks. 

Phew!   I'm taking a breath and posting the ChrisKnits as soon as I get up on Tuesday.  First though, here is my list for the upcoming week!

1. Make 12 more Positivity blocks

2. Finish the Rainbow Geese flimsy and post to June OMG

3. Make 1 more purple hollow 9 patch

4. Start making purple semi-colons for Full Stop Sampler.

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy.


  1. Love your geese migration additions! Great job!

  2. You're making great progress on Geese Migration, Judy - it's looking wonderful! Can't wait to see your Table Scraps project, too. Wishing you a productive week!

  3. Your Geese Migration is going to be stunning! We were just looking at that pattern at my Quilt "Therapy" last night. A local shop has a monthly meeting for us to get therapy! LOL Good luck with next week's goals! Thanks for linking up with To-Do!!

  4. Love seeing your progress on several projects,Judy and Geese migration quilt is getting wonderful.

  5. A lot made this week! I love your H2H Hometown Hero quilt, and I'm sure it was very emotional.

  6. Your version of Geese Migration is coming together beautifully. Congrats on all the progress. Hope this week has been as good on the stitching front.

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