Tuesday, October 26, 2021

To-Do Tuesday #62 10-26-21

Here is my list from last week! I’ll link up with Linda at Texas Quilt Gal.  Thanks Linda for hosting this event. I really need to be accountable or I would just "piddle around" in my sewing room!  haha! That's a phrase my mama used to use!  

Last week------October 19-25

1. Keep exploring backing options for couch topper. ✔  I made a decision!.  The couch topper is for our son. He has an orange kitty. Yes, I know the upper cats are upside down. It's a couch topper so they will be right side up when viewed from the dining room side of the couch.

And he's been a Denver Bronco fan since he was in Junior High. I had this piece of fabric leftover from a quilt I made for his younger grandson. It just needed a little extra added to the width and length. 

2. Does Hollow Nines need a border? If so, what. Skinny white, then colored? Just a patterned wider border? ✔

Linda suggested a darker border....so I looked and decided on this one. This fabric is in some of the green 9 patches. It's not a lot darker, but I like it. It almost used up this fabric I used in my first great grandson's baby quilt. He just turned 10! Now I'll decide on a backing and get it and maybe En Provence to the quilter. She is going to Houston but will be back on Halloween and home til Thanksgiving, then they "snowbird" to Arizona! 

3. Finish lime/red/white table topper. TSC-October! ✔ 

I wasn’t sure I would like this color combination when finished! I thought I would donate it to our library’s Silent Auction. But as I finished the last stitch in the binding, I was really liking it! I know you shouldn’t donate only things you aren’t fond of! That’s not in the spirit of giving! But now it’s going to be difficult to give this away! 

                 Left:  Front      Right:  Back       
I quilted it with a Serpentine stitch (#4 on my Bernina) at the widest possible width and length at 3. It is stitched in a red Coats and Clark thread from my stash. It was the perfect match for the red polka dot binding. fabric. 

4. Work on Partridge in a Pine Tree. ✔  

And I have pieced a backing. I just need to find some batting, quilt it and do the binding!  JUST!

Next Week - October 25-November 1

1. Cut batting for Cat Couch Topper and quilt it. 

2. Finish Partridge in a Pine Tree table runner.

3. Post to Table Scraps Challenge at The Joyful Quilter and OMG at Elm Street Quilts. 

4. Work on UFO for Jack's Basket - Chunky Churn Dash. 

5. Bonus.  - backing for Hollow Nine Patch. 

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy


  1. Your kitty couch topper is so cute. I love that idea. What size will it be?
    Oh I like that green border on Hollow Nines! I agree that lime/red/white color combo on your table topper is very attractive.
    Thanks for linking to To Do Tuesday!

  2. Just loving that kitty couch topper, too. So cute--nice work...orange Halloween kitties--great idea!! Hugs, Julierose

  3. Couch topper is cool. I am looking forward for seeing it in place.
    Good luck with your goals for this week.

  4. Lol! I piddle around in my sewing room all the time! I love the cat couch topper for your son - great idea. The green border for the Hollow 9s is really pretty, especially since the green row is one of the longest in the quilt top. Your green and red TSC topper is perfect! Definitely would be hard to give away.

  5. Hi Judy! I'm a great piddle arounder - one of my favorite expressions! I can so easily get distracted that I almost have to write down every errand so that I remember why I'm going some place. Yay to a decision!! Love the orange kitties and even the Broncos on the back. It sounds perfect for him! Hollow Nines looks fab with the green border. AND a great use of the fabric that has marinated long enough - HAHA! Great job on your list - I love the green and red combination. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Wow, so many projects. Good job on making so much progress this past week.

  7. Those are fun projects! I do like that green on the Hollow Nines quilt!