Saturday, December 29, 2012

No Snapshot Saturday

I have no snapshot to share today. I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and have been busy learning how to use it, downloading some inexpensive books, and catching up with laundry etc. I have a project that I am working on for a quilt challenge. I can't share photos until it is all done. It is kind of hard to explain, but a quilter friend is the organizer. She set up 6 groups of 5 quilters. The first on the list of each group get a photo, and makes a quilt of her interpretation of the photo. It must be 20X25, not bigger, completed as to quilting and binding. Then the 1st quilter sends her submission to the second quilter on her list. That person gets to see only the quilt, not the photograph. She makes her interpretation of the 1st quilt, then send her quilt on to the 3rd person on the list. I am the 3rd person in my group. I received the quilt and must now make my quilt. I have been stressing, drawing, thinking, worrying and cutting. No stitching yet, but soon. I have been taking photos along the way. When all are done, I will post them here. I am not sure why I signed up for this, but it is pushing my boundaries.  Maybe that should be my focus phrase for 2013.  Push Your Limits!! 

Until Next Time

Stay Busy and Stay Happy



  1. Thanks for dropping by and visiting. Yes, Vegas at Christmas is amazing but it is also a little crazy busy with the crowds.
    Enjoy your Kindle I love my e-reader!

  2. Have fun on your new kindle, I love mine! Good luck with your quilting too and thanks for stopping by my Saturday Snapshot- Book Savvy Babe