Tuesday, April 6, 2021

To Do Tuesday #34


Let's see how I did last week!  Then I'll link this week list over at ChrisKnits.  Join us over there. Definitely an underachiever. I think. But at least it's something. 

Last Week     March 30th to April 6th

1. Finish the Bunny Mini before Easter. ✅

          posted on Mar 31st. 

2. Start on something Bright and Light Blue ✅

I got a start, but barely.  

3. Decide in an OMG for April.   ✅

My OMG post is here. It will be a table runner. 

4. Make at least one international sisters block.✅

 I cut fabric then hesitated due to the figures on the fabric and did a re-think.

Although I love the bright happy colors in this fabric, I worry that it may offend some. I’m trying to be mindful! 

This is a different fabric, just as bright and happy! 

And the block is now done! It’s  10.5” and it goes together pretty quickly!

Next week:   April 6 - April 12

1. Keep working on the table runner. 

2. Sew some hollow nine patches

3. Cut fabric for a Geese Migration block

4. Get 1 needed fabric for Sandra’s QAL- Follow Your Own Path. 

        See the button on my sidebar to check out the details. 

Stay Busy and Stay Happy and Healthy 


  1. I love your Sister, Judy! I think you picked the perfect fabric for her, too.

  2. Well, any progress is progress, no matter large or small! Thanks for linking up today!

  3. Love your bunny mini! That one is on my bucket list for my SIL. I almost made those bunny blocks this year, but ran out of time. Fantastic fabric for the international sister!

  4. Beautiful work. Being busy with fabric is as good as being outdoors gardening.

  5. love your sisters block - I don't know if the fabric would offend or not - it is hard to know these days

  6. You are doing great ,you moved projects along and even posted!
    Celebrate success!
    Stay safe and sew on!

  7. international sisters block looks great with that fabric.
    Pretty choice for the table runner.
    Good lucky with your goals for this week.
    Stay safe

  8. Nothing to offend here! Love seeing your bright and pretty projects. :)

  9. I love the bunny runner and the colors in your international sisters block. Have fun with your list this week.