Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Winterkill by C.J.Box A listen and a sighting!

Joe Pickett is a game warden in Wyoming. Making his rounds one morning, checking the elk herds, he hears shots. Not one, not two but many. It is not elk season and as he watches elk fall and the herd panic and scatter, Joe wonders who is doing this.  As Joe assesses where the shots are coming from and proceeds to approach the perpetrator from behind, he realizes it is the local forest service supervisor, Lamar Gardner. Joe takes Lamar into custody, and because he is a friend and seems repentant, and there is a snow storm brewing, Joe loads him into his pickup to head down the mountain. It is then, that the situation goes south.

This story deals with the growth of the "independent nation" cults flourishing in the West and the conflict between parental custody and foster care that occurs in all parts of our country. Joe's voice is always the one of reason and honesty amid the noise of greed and evil.

This is the first C.J. Box book I have read, but it will not be the last. Mr Busy has read the first two and while we were in Phoenix on the 15th of March, we visited The Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale and listened to Mr Box talk about his newest Joe Pickett novel, Endangered. He spent some time talking about the writing process and how he researches his ideas. He also signed copies of his books. I bought the next in the series, Trophy Hunt and of course the newest one. Even though C.J. Box lives in Cheyenne WY and has spoken at our local library and book store in the town where I live, I had never been to see him. So it was a treat to be able to buy some of his books, so soon after listening to Winterkill.

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