Friday, April 3, 2015

What's In A Name 2015 - Animal : Blind Your Ponies.

Blind Your Ponies by Stanley Gordon West. 
Published 2011 
Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill

Sam Pickett is hiding from the nightmares and violence that has invaded his life. He is an English teacher that ends up in the tiny, hopeless town of Willow Creek, Montana. In addition to his English classes, he is asked to coach the basketball team. They are a sorry sight, and their record speaks for itself . For the last 5 years he has coached and they are still 0-93. He wonders, why me?  There are a few supporters in the small town, Andrew Wainwright, Ray Collins, and Elizabeth Chapman. This year will be different, how?

Enter Peter Strong, Elizabeth's grandson from the Twin Cities, MN. His parents are divorcing and they have sent him to Grandma while they sort it all out. Also a foreign exchange student shows up to live with Mervin and Claire Painter. Two of their daughters had been exchange students, one to Spain one to Brazil, they felt the need to reciprocate. They are hosting Olaf from Norway, hopefully, a son to fill the void felt by Mervin.  When they meet him at the airport gate, they are surprised by his bright blue eye, his straw-colored hair, and boyish grin. Also, he had to duck as he walked through the gate. He is 6' 11''.  Mervin wonders if he plays basketball.

Thus begins the new season for the Willow Creek Broncos and Sam Pickett. And what a season it will turn out to be.

I really enjoyed this feel-good, but not sappy sweet story. The setting is not far from where we live, so it felt personal. I love the small town feel, the camaraderie. The characters where fun to get to know ( well most of them). I loved Grandma Chapman's spirit, and Diana Murphy's insight.

The only thing that spoiled this wonderful story was the editing of the e edition I was reading. Clumsy grammar, hyphenated words where they should not have been, capitalization of the A in afternoon (frequently). I hate that.  I intend to try to find a print edition of this book and compare. Also I will probably read other books by this author, because I like his writing. But I will be careful to only use print book editions.

Am I the only one this happens too? Do any of you find blatant errors in ebook editions?

I gave this story 5 stars because I loved it. And I think the editing was not the author's fault.

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