Friday, February 20, 2015

The Forgotten by David Baldacci Library Challenge #3

The Forgotten (John Puller, #2)The Forgotten by David Baldacci
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Again, David Baldacci has hit a home run. This is John Puller #2 and though it references what happened it book number 1 in West Virginia, you don't have to know in order to make this book make sense.

John Puller is ready for some R&R from his regular job of CID Army Special Agent. His dad is a retired 3 Star General and in the VA with dementia. His brother Robert is in prison, Army prison. His favorite aunt in Florida, his dad's older sister has sent a letter telling of strange happenings at night in Paradise Florida and of people not being who they seem.

John goes to investigate at his father's "orders" and the ensuing story is heart-stopping, heart-warming and heart-rending. When he gets to Florida to check in on Aunt Betsy Puller Simon, he finds that she is dead. The local police have it tagged as an accident, John is not convinced and uses the connections he has at the DOD and other agencies to investigate on his own. He finds a huge "strange happening" and finds that many people in the small city of Paradise are not who they seem to be.

David Baldacci tells a story that will keep you on the edge of your chair. We listened to this book as an audio recording and the narrators, Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy do an amazing job of giving voice to all the different characters in this story. I recommend this novel to any one who likes a great mystery with a little espionage and a little love thrown in.

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Library challenge book #3

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