Saturday, June 9, 2018

Teal, Turquoise or Aqua Slabs!

I pulled my teal, aqua, turquoise stash. I have a lot of medium prints, not a lot of solids or blenders.  So I started. I try not to make my slabs too much like a log cabin.  Sometimes that’s harder than it might seem.

These blocks need more scraps added to make them the necessary 10" X 10".  Some will be wonky as those are the scraps I have!  It's OK!  I like that look! 

Not exactly the June rainbow colors but I did get the binding sewed on to my OMG challenge and a graduation quilt for my daughter. She graduates in August from her 3rd discipline!  She is an RN with a degree in business and not will add Healing Touch Therapy to her repertoire. I am so proud of her!  She follows her heart and she is amazing!

It's Saturday, I have a hair appointment this afternoon, then if I feel brave I may go to the grocery store!  Never a good idea on Saturday!  

Happy Weekend
Stay Busy and Stay Happy 
I'm linking up with So Scrappy's Scrap Happy Saturday  and Busy Hands Quilts, Finished or Not Friday!


  1. Oh! I don't know. I think there is a hint of the RSC Color of the Month in that lovely graduation quilt!!

    1. Yes a bit of aqua or is it teal?? Thanks for commenting!

  2. Yay for quilting progress! Grocery on a Saturday, never!!! I value my sanity too much. LOL

    1. As it turned out, I had to reschedule my haircut so we didn’t get to the grocery store til nearly supper time. Not too crowded, it was raining! It inspired a take-out stop, so that was good!☺️🍗🥤