Friday, August 18, 2017

Finished or Not Friday!

Not a big finish this week but a necessary one. I made 2 skinny place mats for our camper. The table in our 5th wheel is not very wide and regular sized place mats overlap. So as I was going through a tote ( looking for my misplaced Fiskars) I found 4 orphan blocks left over from the quilt I made for Mr. Busy in 2009.  He flies RC airplanes as a hobby and I found a log cabin block with alternate setting applique blocks in a magazine. The original had bears in the alternate blogs, but the designer said, use your own idea. So a plane block was born. I found a very basic plane shape in a children's coloring book. We use that quilt in the camper now when we attend some "fly-ins".  Kind of like a quilt retreat for RC flyers. All that background just so you know about why these particular blocks.

They are 9.5" by 16".  They are backed with a piece of leftover denim fabric and bound with the leftover binding from the original quilt.

I ventured out to the camper this morning as soon as there was enough light to take this photo of the quilt on the bed. This angle is from the side of the bed. The slide is in, so I couldn't stand at the end of the bed. 

Sort of standing at the corner. Can you see the wall pocket I made to hang , in place of a night stand. A place for glasses, a book, cell phone and a bottle of water. I had lots of the airplane fabric that was the border of the quilt, the backing, and the binding.

Also a not finished yet.........just back from the long arm quilter.. My disappearing hour glass wall hanging that I did at our WY State Quilt Guild convention. I am calling it George and Martha.
The white fabric has cherries on it, the flowers on the border remind me of geraniums (Martha Washington geranium) and the backing is the Declaration of Independence. Sort of patriotic and maybe it will be added to my July 4th decor.

Still needs to be trimmed and the binding sewed on. I realize looking at this photo, the border looks kind of muddy. Not the image I was hoping for. When I finish it up, I'll try to get an outdoor photo with better light. 

You can just barely see the gray writing on the cream background fabric. I'll shoot for a better photo of that too, when the binding in complete. 

Well, that was a rambling post. Until next time, 

Stay Busy and Stay Happy. 
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  1. Hi Judy,
    Wow, love the 5th Wheel! Really cute placemats - those planes on the small thumbnail just drew me in. I had to read more about them. The quilt on the bed is lovely, and the wall hanging is a fabulous idea for glasses, etc. Love it and may borrow that idea if we ever get our own 5th Wheel. ~smile~ Roseanne