Saturday, July 8, 2017

Finish It Up Friday ! Pinnies and a SB baby gift

Last week was a kind of slow week as far as finishes go.  I did do two pincushions, inspired by Amanda Jean.  But I cheated.  The first one was a re-do. Years ago I made a pincushion to match my family room colors, using Doreen Speckmann's Norwegian Chicken Pincushion pattern. The pattern is dated 1997, but I think I made it around 2001 or 2002. Shortly after my breast cancer treatments and my learning to quilt. I developed a seam malfunctions ( due to improper construction I am sure) and so I then un stuffed it and fixed the open seam. There is sat all floppy and un stuffed. Until Amanda Jean asked if we had a pincushion collection and I gathered all mine together. There she sat, forlorn and unloved. I decided to fix that!  Here she is, stuffed and sitting up proudly.

The little pincushion beside her is really a cheat!  I backed a baby quilt with this chevron fabric. When I sent it to the quilter, she had used the edges to practice and check her there was this scrap of cute fabric already "quilted to batting" and I just put a backing on it, stitched it into a rectangle, filled it with walnut shells and Voila!!  , a tiny pincushion for my couch side sewing basket.  Here is the other side of both pinnies.

Also this week, I got busy and put together a self-binding receiving blanket for the sister of my daughter-in-law.  I had the yellow surfboard flannel in my stash and found the robot blue flannel at JoAnn's.  The new baby is a boy and his big brother  and parents are all tech types. I thought the robot fabric was too cute to pass up. It turned out really well, I think.

And a better look at the backing fabric and the stitching that holds it all together. Have you ever done one of these?  Super easy and fun.

It's a Missouri Star tutorial...they even have a snuggle ( minky) version.

Anyway, those are my Friday Finishes.

I'll be linking up with Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Til next time
Stay Busy and Stay Happy

ps: I also finished reading,

both really good. 

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  1. I'm so glad that you set things right with the hen. She looks very happy to be re-stuffed and ready for work. Give her some long quilting pins to hold...she'll really appreciate that.

    One of the nicest things about retirement is being able to read to my heart's content. A few weeks ago I read The Elephant Man cover to cover with practically no breaks. Ahh, heaven.