Sunday, June 11, 2017

Saturday Snapshots - Strawberry Moon

I  missed getting this posted on Saturday. I was waiting on permission to post a picture of the moon taken Friday night in our area. The full moon is June is traditionally called the Strawberry Moon. Not because it's pink, although it might appear so sometimes. The Algonquins  named it, They thought it was the best time to pick strawberries.  A link to the Farmers Almanac page about moon names is here

The moon was beautiful. My friend Susan posted this photo to Facebook. She takes great pictures and has an artists eye. She and her husband live outside of our town, so there are no city lights to detract. 

 I live on  the north edge of our small city and this was my view at bit later. And from my cell phone camera, not Susan's "real " one. 

I experimented a bit with my cell phone in the dark. Here is a picture of my small strawberry patch. As you can see, nothing to harvest. ­čśä   
This was taken write before the next picture was taken. My flash works pretty well. 

And then the clouds moved in and obscured the moon. This photo from my front porch.

It's been warm here in NE Wyoming, but today, Sunday it is forcast to be cooler and cloudy. We could use the rain. Our famous Wyoming wind drys grasses, veggies and flower very quickly. 

I have been sewing, hand embroidering and taking littles to the park. More pictures about those activities in a future Saturday Snapshots.   I'm off to breakfast with friends, then back here to check out others' snapshots and get some more sewing done. 

Have a great week!



  1. Thanks for posting the photo of the strawberry moon. It's artistic, as you mentioned, and beautiful. It's amazing how a few lights and clouds will change our view, isn't it? I've never heard of a strawberry moon before...guess I have some research to do. :)

  2. What a beautiful moon! Brilliant photos!