Friday, June 30, 2017

Finish It Up Friday----Shhhhhh! It's a Secret!

A Challenge Met

My Friday finish is for a challenge. One quilting group I belong to has an annual retreat in October. Last year, we were to bring a yard of FALL fabric for a game and and exchange. The game was played kind of like musical chair. We each had our yard of fabric and passed it to the right as fast as we could til the music stopped. The fabric you were holding at the time, was torn in half. One half you kept and the other half continue to be passed. This went on until there was too little to tear in half. We each ended up with 5 pieces, ranging in size from 1/2 a yard down to just a chunk. I wish that I had take a picture of the fabric before I started my project.   The challenge was to make something from the fabric you took home. You were allowed to add a piece of two from your stash to complete the item.  The item will be revealed at our retreat in October this year.

 This is all the fabric that is left after I finished my table runner.  I had no idea what I was going to do with those pieces of fabric, but was lucky enough to get the orange floral in the 1/2 yard and the orange with the brown acorn as the 1/4 yard. I added the "ucky"green mottled, mainly because it picked up the green in the floral and the green in the leaf fabric. That was a odd one. Grey background, with green, rust and dark blue leaves.

 I also added the beige moda marble as the constant light background for my pattern.

I had taken a class at our LQS using this book by Deb Heatherly and the accompanying Cat's Cradle ruler by Creative Grids.  I decided to give a pattern in the book a try.

The pattern is called Appalachian Table Runner. It uses 2" squares, 2" by 3" rectangles of various fabrics and  larger rectangles (3.5" X 4.5")  and  12 squares( 3" X 3") of the light background.  Also the centers of the stars are cut 5.5" square.

This is the finished table runner. From this angle you can see I also added 2 dark squares to get variety. They sort of jump out at you, don't they!  All in all I am very pleased. I used the floral in the center of the stars and as a border. Also I bound it in the same fabric. I had to use straight seams as diagonal seams would have made the binding too short. It was ok , though.

Here is the center star and you can see the light triangle in the lower left corner almost disappears. That happens with scrappy sometimes. 

I quilted this table runner myself. That is not usual for me, but all my go-to long armers are in my group and this challenge is supposed to be a secret until I had to get brave and do it!

I quilted concentric squares in the center of each of the stars, using my walking foot and the edge of it as a guide. Sometimes it went wonky. Then I echo quilted in the background triangles and corner squares.  I did a wavy serpentine stitch ( the zig zag on my Bernina, as wide as it would go and stitch length to 3 blips longer than the #3 on the screen) in the sashing. 

You can see the serpentine stitch a little better on the backing. The backing is also from my stash. The border was just channel stitched around and around, using the edge of my walking foot as a guide. 

I am excited to have it done, early no less!!  But don't tell anyone, OK?  None of my friends know I have a blog, so that is not a problem.

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  1. What magic you've made with that fall fabric.
    You made me smile when you posted "None of my friends know I have a blog, so it is no problem." That is pretty much my case too, my family knows I blog but I doubt they read it ...

  2. Hi Judy,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the inspiration. I could not figure out how to quilt a baby quilt I'm working on - concentric squares would be PERFECT!! Why didn't I think of that?! What a cute table runner - it turned out great. I would never guess that gray/blue/green/rust fabric is even in there (or the 'nasty' green - HAHA). You should be quite proud of yourself finishing a deadline in JUNE for OCTOBER. Obviously your group will select your item as the best example of this fun challenge. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Hi Judy, Visiting from Crazy Mom Quilts. I LOVE how this table runner came together. You did a great job marrying all those fabrics together!

  4. Just found this post Judy, I love Fall fabrics and what fun the way you shared out the fabric. How exciting to be finished and ready to reveal come October.

  5. You sure did work some magic on this fabric! Beautiful table runner.

  6. And you worry about having to quilt it yourself? Never again! You did a fantastic job of it.
    I like the fabric game. It sounds like a fun way to start a challenge. You did a great job of making the odd fabrics work together. Maybe the green can be "ucky," but if it connects the fabrics, that's the one! (BTW, you're secret is safe.)