Friday, June 23, 2017

Finally a Friday Finish to talk about!

I have a finish!  Hooray!!  And it's complete except for the label before the baby August!

 It's a small quilt, only 40 X 40. But it's for Tummy Time.  It's from a free pattern I found on All People Quilt. It's called Playing Tag.

Here is a close up of the  taggies of ribbon and rick rack that are sporadically used on the quilt. The fabric is Lil' Red by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda Fabrics and Coral Queen by Stacy Iest Hsu for Moda. The colors are just yummy. I bought backing fabric from our local JoAnn's and also a fabric for the binding. In the end I used the dark rose floral for an added border, just to make it a bit bigger. 

Here is the backing fabric. Some modern chevron in the perfect shade of peachy coral and red to coordinate with the front.  I ended up making a scrappy binding from left overs. There are lots of seams, but I carefully positioned it around the perimeter to make sure no seams landed at the corners. Success.  I love it when you are stitching the binding down and each corner miters perfectly!  It was quilted by a friend who has a longarm. Not sure of the design, but it is loops and then a three petaled flower and more loops. Very feminine.

Earlier on FB I posted a picture of my "porch stitching". In this photo, the binding is the aqua with tiny bubbles . Too cute!!

Ummm!  I also used lots of wonder clips and enjoyed my porch time with a glass of Pomegranate Riesling wine.  I know, I know, not a wine glass, but I was worried about spilling it and breaking a stemmed glass. I have stemless wine glasses, unbreakable even, in our camper. But it was not available for me to raid the cupboards there.

 Do you notice the little white canister with the black strip?  It is a chewing gum "car cup" emptied, decoupaged with pieces of scrap fabric. and a label that says "itty bitty trash can".  We made them at a retreat. The perfect place for bits of thread and clippings. The black strip on the lid is a magnetic business card, cut to size and stuck down with double sided tape. The perfect place to park a needle while you sip your wine!

If I am lucky I will have just enough of the perfect coral thread to attach the label. I have it mostly ready to print from my computer, but will wait until she is born to add her name, date of birth and other pertinent information.  The quilt is for our 2nd great granddaughter  and our 5th great grandchild. Her family lives in Arizona, she won't need the quilt to snuggle, but it will be a good one to lay her on. 

That is my Friday Finish. I will be linking up with Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts today. And also, Finished or Not Friday at Busy Hands Quilt. 

And now I am off to finish a scrappy table runner that is for a challenge and then maybe, just maybe, to straighten my sewing room. It needs a vacuum and a neatening up at the very least!

Until next time, 
Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. that's beautiful!! Love the fabrics and the colors...and finished a whole month ahead of time! Congrats!

  2. How lovely! I like the combination of colors, and the tags that are stitched into the quilt. That will be fun for her to discover!

  3. Hi Judy,
    Aren't you ahead of the game?! And what a cute baby quilt! I love the pattern and especially your choice of fabrics. That chevron on the back is perfect. Oh, how fun is that little bitty trash can?! Love it - very fun! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Judy - would you care if I shared a picture of your quilt on my blog sometime in the near future? I would, of course, link back here and give you credit. I am always looking for cute baby quilt tutorials to share . . . and this is adorbs (better than the one on All People Quilt). Thanks, Roseanne

  4. It's lovely! I love the colours!

  5. Judy - your quilt will be featured on Monday, 7/3 on my blog with the All People Quilt tutorial. I link back to this post and use a couple of your photos - with your name. Thank you for sharing with us. I just love this quilt . . . I want to get down on the floor with a baby and play with it. ~smile~ Roseanne (Of course, I'd need a hand up! HAHA)