Friday, June 2, 2017

A few small projects finished

I'm linking up with Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Up Friday, Busy Hands Quilts is taking a week of so no Linky Party there today.

These two little organizers were started at a retreat in May and finished this week. On the left is called a Button Boat and was taught at a project by a member. No pattern here but you can buy one or see another picture at Lazy Girl Designs. I am a fan of Lazy Girl patterns.

The little scrappy string zippered pouch was made from a pattern I received from a friend for my birthday a few years ago. I made the large one and now the smaller one. Here is a pic of the larger one, I use it in my gym bag for toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and lipstick and cologne.

Needless to say , I didn't use up as many string as I had hoped. It was fun and pretty darn easy. You can't read it here, but the pattern is from V and Co. "String Block Zipper Pouch"

Also this week I worked on a Challenge Project for May for The Sewing Center's UFO Challenge.. I got it in just under the wire.

The prompt for May was to make some thing for a guy. Well this is for my oldest Great Grandson. I bought the panel when our only LQS was closing. I added the star fabric to make it reversible to give it some substance and to avoid all those 1/4 inch hems!  All the other pieces were printed on the panel and finished with double fabric, stitched and turned or a raw edge finish, stitched and pinked around the edges.

 All seven year olds need a super hero according to the book I am currently reading.

At least he can have his own cape and mask and wristbands.  He can be a superhero himself. He is going to be a new big brother in August, so he will be a superhero to her I am sure. 

Have a great weekend and a good start to summer if your in the US and northern hemisphere. and a mild fall if you in the southern hemisphere. 

Today is our anniversary, so probably not much sewing will be done. Although maybe we will both just spend time in our respective hobby rooms and celebrate for dinner. It's 53 years for us and I look forward to hopefully at least a few more! 


  1. Better late than never! Your projects are ready now! And they are perfect! You are so talented!

  2. I like Lazy Girl patterns too. I've made a bunch of Run Around bags.

  3. Love that button boat! She comes up with such great ideas!