Friday, May 19, 2017

Shasta Daisy Backpack

Last week I shared  the backpack layout that I started at the retreat I attended. This week I finished it. I was using a pattern that I downloaded from a blog. I was sort of confused by some of the directions, so I grabbed my laptop and searched for  YouTube videos about backpacks with  drawstring casing. Luckily I found a great one on Shabby Fabrics YouTube channel. Thanks, Jennifer Bosworth of Shabby Fabrics. My directions called for grommets,and I already had them ready so I used them. . They're cute, but if I do this pattern again, I will use the loops in the Shabby Fabrics pattern.

I really like the way this turned out. It was made from some of the scraps from the graduation quilt I made for my youngest granddaughter, Shasta.  This will be her birthday gift this weekend. I was shopping in SD at a Mall last weekend and went to Bath and Body Works. I found these.... the perfect addition to the backpack for a girl with the chrysanthemum name. 

Oh, and I'll add a Starbucks gift card too!  

Off to get ready for a double birthday party. Both my daughter's daughters have birthdays in May, so we celebrate when we are able to get together. Ice cream cake, Gluten Free frosted brownies, sorbet and my requested potato salad are on the menu. Older granddaughter's husband will do brats and ribs on the grill. Looking forward to a wonderful weekend. 

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Til next time,

Stay Busy and Stay Happy