Sunday, April 23, 2017

Saturday Snapshot - Just a day late

Here are a few of the reasons I've been busy. This is a pillow with a pocket. I made it for our great grandson just because. The original pattern was intended to hold a book. I altered it a bit and added the strap which is secured with velcro. It hold his tablet.  He loves airplanes, can you tell?

This is a counted cross stitch project I have gotten back to. I started it in 2001. eyes were getting so bad that I put it away. I have newer glasses now and have added magnifiers for close work. It is better now. Hopefully it will be done by Christmas 2017!

 This is another of the pillow with a pocket example. This matches the quilt I made for our youngest great grandchild. It has a shallow pocket for mama's cell phone or maybe a nursing pad or two. Mama uses it as she rocks and nurses Bella  before bed.  There is also a label for the quilt. I have attached it now, it has all her birth information.

And this is a crumb quilt. I was auditioning  border fabrics.  For those of you who don't know, a crumb quilt is a quilt made with all the bits and pieces of fabric that most people throw away. I can't bear to do that. At 12-15 dollars a yard for fabric these days, I have this whole quilt for no money expended, just my time and the thread to sew up the pieces. Even the backing is pieced from some chunks of fabric already on my shelves.

 Here it is done. Not a big quilt, but a throw to go over my legs as I sit and stitch or watch a movie.

A close up of the scrappy black and white border fabrics.  Betty Boop and Mickey were cut from triangles of fabric that the groomer tied around our Shih Tzu's neck after her bath and cut. We lost her in December, so these are little scraps of remembrance.

So you know I haven't been idle!  Haha!

Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. Love your pillows with pockets -- whaat lucky great grandchildren! I used to love the projects my grandma made me!! Love your cross stitch Santa too! I know sometimes I put on two pair of readers to get extra magnification. My dentist has this light that attaches to his glasses and I'd really like to get one of those too! Sheri

  2. Your quilt looks great, and I especially like that you added the special remembrance fabrics. Hope you enjoy many happy memories as you snuggle under your quilt.