Saturday, April 22, 2017

Finish It Up Friday Binding, Book and Bitty Owl!

I managed to finish the binding on this crumb quilt.
 It was my first attempt at making scrappy crumb blocks. They are addicting in a way and frustrating in a way. I want to sew all my scraps into usable chunks of fabric. And it seemed like the way to really did into my scraps buckets, but I found that I did not deplete my scraps like I had hoped. I have lots and lots more.
 You can see that lots of my scraps are browns, oranges and fall like in nature. Not the usual brighter modern colors we see so much today. But I think they work just the same. It is fun to look at the scraps and remember the projects they came from. Some were gifted to me too. My DIL gave me a huge black trash bag of scraps leftover from "dammit dolls" she made for family and friends several Christmases ago. So there are kitties, baseballs, crayons and other novelty type prints.

 I had a large stash of black and white fabrics from a quilt I made for a step-granddaughter for her college graduation. Plus the Mickey and Betty Boop fabrics came from the fabric scarves that the groomer tied around Emma's neck after her spa days. I can't throw cute fabrics away!! So made a scrappy border. Not too intricate, I just sewed pieces together and then cut them to match the dimensions of the sides.

I also finished this cute little owl -pot holder, trivet or something. She is too cute to use as a hot pad, I think she could just be a cute kitchen wall decor.  Would you use it to set a pot on?

I have 3 other projects in the works this month. A pillow for my daughter, a wall hanging for me and a Christmas decor project. I'll post them as they are completed.

And I finished my current book,

My review is here

Until next time
Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. That owl is just the cutest, my DIL loves owls. Nice work on your crumb quilt, I have made a couple but a long time ago. That's a great book isn't it!

    1. That is the second owl I have made. One for each granddaughter. I am going to attempt another crumb quilt one of these days. Thanks for visiting my blog.