Monday, January 9, 2017

Clues #6 and #7 En Provence and a change in plans.

Clue #6 was making hourglass blocks using 2 green, a light purple and a neutral.  It was going famously following Bonnie's laying out and cutting directions using her new Essential Triangle ruler. You get sets of four green, purple,green, neutral, sew the green and purple pair, then sew the green and neutral pair, then sew them to each other. What could be simpler? Right?  I really wanted scrappy and as few matching hourglass units as possible, so I started to mix up the pairs.

 OOPS.....cutting of two extra sets of green/neutral followed. Maybe you wondered how I did not get equal pairs. Well, some strips are shorter than others and so there were not always sets of four at all  times.

Then while waiting for Clue #7, I decided to work on my Crumb Quilt. I posted here, that I had planned on using black sashing and red cornerstones. Some strips were cut! But I really did not like it, it looked dark and uninteresting. So, I perused my stash and chose this lovely lime green, and I had enough yardage! Then what for cornerstones?  I am partial to green and purple. I have been cutting greens and purples for En Provence, so which purple?  I have a 1/4 yard of a dark purple that I bought for En Provence and then decided it wouldn't work.  So....

What do you think?   I like it!!

This is my design board and surrounding mess. I still need 3 more crumb blocks ( no problem, the scraps are multiplying in the "crumb bin". And I need to cut more cornerstones. But it is much brighter. You can see my tumbler rows hanging on the corner on the left. And my iPod for music and my "dammit doll" to the left of the tumblers. I post about the dammit doll some day soon.

Clue #7 and the layout reveal was published.  I had been making 1/2 the number of blocks that Bonnie said we needed. Her layout is 16 blocks. 8 doesn't work well, 2 blocks by 4 blocks is way to skinny, so I settled on 3X3 or 9 blocks. That means I will be going back to make enough 3.5 inch block to make the extra 15" block. That's OK. I have plenty of fabric and now lots more experience.

So I am cutting and sewing, green, yellow, green, neutral hourglass units this week. Nine sets of 3.5 inch yellow squares are complete and in the project box .

Many participants are DONE!  Oh, my!  I envy their progress and perseverance.  I am enjoying the journey and I will continue to work on En Provence. My goal is to use my scraps, have a great time and to get my other challenges done as well. I have a local quilt group challenge due every 60 days and I am participating in the AllPeopleQuilt UFO Challenge 201 that I wrote about here.

So every day I spend at least 10 minutes in my sewing room. Sometimes much longer. But slow and steady wins the race. My word for 2017 is "PATIENCE" and I intend to practice that. If you want to see all the progress everyone has made and view some amazing completions, check out this link. Or go to Bonnie's blog and link up there.

Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. I have been having trouble with patience on this one. I want to see it done! LOL

  2. En Provence is definitely a challenge to one's patience! It takes a long time to get it all together, but once you do, it is a beautiful quilt.