Monday, December 26, 2016

Clue #5 , a little bit of family and a White Christmas

Our Christmas weekend included Christmas Eve at our granddaughters home. Her mom and sister, our daughter and youngest granddaughter, arrived from Colorado on Friday. There was much hugging and laughing and good wishes.

I was anxious to try out Bonnie's new  Essential Triangles ruler on Clue #5. I had extra 3 1/2 inch strips cut previously, so I got right to it. It intimidated me at first but by the time I had 20 paired triangles cut, I was feeling the love. Because I am doing only 1/2 the amount of blocks, I need 34. I sewed the first 20 and then had to do other "get ready for Christmas" things.
Our great grandson was pretty excited about his first gift. Momma looks on while he plays with Jett and Super Wings playset. We couldn't get him away from this to open the rest of his gifts, so Daddy sat with baby sis, Bella on the floor and helped her.

She was pretty enthralled with the crinkly sounds of the paper as her daddy opened each one.

 And there was lots of trash to go to the dumpster!

Bella was such a happy girl all day. We got her the Bronco sleeper and her mom added the perfect Bronco blue headband. Isn't she a cutie?

 We headed home, across town only, after dark. The visibility was ugly. It felt worse than this picture indicates. Winter storm Europa blew and snowed all Christmas Day. A White Christmas but I was not happy.

As we got to our driveway this is the view to our front porch. Mr. Busy and our grandson-in-law had driven over together to make sure we could make it home and to shovel out the drift in front of the garage door. Then they drove back to where we women waited and picked me up. I did not really want to sleep on the floor at my granddaughters. I'm too old for sleepovers!!

This morning the wind has stopped, and the sun looks like it will shine. I think the plows are busy clearing city streets and highways. Not our residential streets yet, but they will.

 This is out our front door, Lots of white.

 Our back deck is drifted high in some spots and nearly clear in others. Those of you familiar with snow and blizzard conditions understand this phenomena. Nothing to do this early, except make coffee and go down to my sewing room to finish my 34 half square triangles   Here they are on my ironing board. I have a Quilt of Valor on my design wall behind, and you can see my overflowing basket of 2 1/2 inch strips, all colors.

If you are following along with the progress of participants in Bonnie Hunter's 2016 Mystery, En Provence, check out the link-up photos HERE>

Until next time,
Stay Busy and Stay Happy

ps: Those of you in the path of this storm, be aware and be safe.  My daughter just texted me and it doesn't look like she will be able to get home to Colorado this morning as planned. Still blowing snow on I-25 south. I am so concerned for them.


  1. That's definitely not great weather for travelling. I'm glad you got all your HSTs finished in time and didn't have to sleep over!

  2. Nice job on the HST. Glad for you not to do a sleepover. Those men can be really helpful!!!

  3. The snow looks so pretty, hard for me to imagine what it is really like. Good excuse though for sewing time.

  4. Great HSTs! Glad you got home safe & sound in time to finish...hope the same for the rest of your family.

    Your QOV looks interesting. I'm sure a Service Member of Veteran will appreciate your creativity and hard work.

    Good Luck with the rest of our En Provence Mystery!