Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wondrous Words Wednesday 6-8-16

Kathy at Bermuda Onion hosts Wondrous Words Wednesday. A chance to highlight words you find while reading or occasionally by listening. Share your words then link up with Kathy's blog so we can all learn a new wondrous word.

This week I was neglectful in taking note of words while reading. I was so focused on finally finishing a book that I just soldiered on.  So I will check out my Word of the Day email from Miriam Webster. 

ululate - verb    

: howl or wail 

I remember seeing this word and even looking it up in the past. But I did not remember it. So I guess a refresher is in order. 

Two examples from the email. 

"Millions of pop culture devotees weep and ululate over the death of David Bowie. His passing is noteworthy, given his significant celebrity profile, but I shall miss [journalist] George Jonas' contributions more."
— Randall Bell, letter in The National Post (Canada), 13 Jan. 2016
"They talked loud in their language, and together they sounded like mourners ululating."
— Sefi Atta, Everything Good Will Come, 2005 (2008)

foozle - verb   

to manage or play akwardly,  bungle

Examples from the email:

After the receiver foozled the catch, the kicking team recovered the ball at the opponent's 10-yard line.
"He foozled a short putt on the 72nd green at Southern Hills in Tulsa that would've won him the 2001 Open, then played solidly in a Monday playoff and defeated Mark Brooks for the title."
— Gary Van Sickle,, 30 July 2015

I am going to have to remember this one. I am sure I will have ample opportunity to use it in the upcoming football season. Hopefully, not when my favorite team has the ball!

Did you find any wondrous words this week?

Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. Foozle is new to me and I love it. It sounds like what it means!

  2. Add me to the floozie fan base too. I was thinking football and then read your sentence. Good one Judy.

  3. Never heard of either word, learned two today.