Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wondrous Words Wednesday 5-4-16

Kathy at Bermuda Onion hosts Wondrous Words Wednesday. A chance to highlight words you find while reading or occasionally by listening. Share your words then link up with Kathy's blog so we can all learn a new wondrous word.

I have not discovered any wondrous words in my recent reading. So I will share a couple from my Word of the Day emails from Merriam Webster. 

weisenheimer:  noun     smart aleck

I was just tickled to find this word this morning. It was one of my Mom's favorite words, when one of the four of us was acting up. "Quit acting like such a weisenheimer!"  she would say. 

moil:   verb     1) to work hard   drudge     2) to be in continuous agitation   churn, swirl

I can see me using moil to mean in continuous agitation.   I often moil about the goings on around me. Like the current political scene!

What words have you discovered recently? 

Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. Weisenheimer was a word my father used a lot. I think it was popular in the 1930s/1940s. I kind of like moil. To me it sounds like what it means.

  2. I saw this in my M-W Word of the Day email and smiled - it was a favorite of my mom's too. Great memories from a mouthful of a word!

  3. My dad used to say weisenheimer so it must have been from that generation. Moil is new to me.

  4. Weisenheimer is too long of a word for me. ;-) I do like moil!

  5. I remembered the word "moil" from The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service:
    There are strange things done in the midnight sun
    By the men who moil for gold

  6. Judy - I just found your comments on my Wondrous Words in my Spam folder. Sorry for the delay in approving them. You should be able to comment freely now on Exurbanis!