Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday Snapshots - Mother's Day Retreat

Linking up with Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads for Saturday Snapshots. Join us.

Last Saturday I was away from home at a 4.5 day/4 night quilting retreat with my quilter's group. I have posted pictures of the location before, but for those of you who haven't seen it, it is nice enough for a repost.  This year our theme was Hawaiian and everyone went all out with their decorations for the dining table and the special touches on the "forever luau " table (snack table).

This is Ranch A in the beautiful Black Hills of Wyoming/South Dakota. Actually it is located in Wyoming but the Black Hills spill over the state line of course. It is log construction, there are 8 rustic bedrooms and bathrooms on the upper level. There is a large kitchen, we cook our own meals and the lower level has a huge room with a rock fireplace where we sew. This year there were 22 of us.

 Friends Marva and Lynn with their design walls (actually flannel backed table cloths taped to the logs)  behind them
 Mimosas on the beverage table for one mornings brunch.  Some with and some with out champagne.

 The central dining table with flowers, a sandscape centerpiece and place cards that were tiny yellow rubber ducks on a paper pond with our name in English and a sort of Hawaiian interpretation.
 Snack table had fruit, sweet stuff, macadamia nuts etc. The decorations were great. Below is a piece of fabric on display. I think the name is  Fruit Ladies - whimsical bathing beauties featuring ladies with strawberries or peaches for their Big Bottoms  or something like that. It is a hoot!

 We had a great time, many projects were finished and I may have some photos next week of those. I can't show mine yet, they are gifts.  Shhhhh!

Stay Busy and Stay Happy


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    1. It is great fun to be with friends and to be able to sew to our hearts content. But we go home very tired indeed. A good tired though!

  2. Can't wait to see the Hawaiian quilting.

    1. Sorry I may have misled. There wasn't any Hawaiian quilting being done, just Hawaiian themed decorations and food. I will post pictures of my projects at a later date. Thanks for the interest!