Sunday, May 15, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? 5-16-16

It's Monday What Are You Reading is hosted by Kathryn at Book Date. Share what you are reading, what you read recently or what you hope to get to in the coming week and then link up with Kathryn at Book Date. It is a great place to see what is going on in the blogosphere and to add to your reading lists.

Still on my phone/Kindle:  I probably would have finished this one, but there was a bit of a snafu regarding listening while driving. Traveling with Mr Busy dictated that he listen and I re-listen to Ready Player One. Not that I minded, but it did cut into my own personal listening time. 


Really enjoying this one. It is so fun to hear her own voice and the voices of her guests. There is a lot of name dropping, but she is in show business and it is all about who and when and with whom. I love it. Must speak to my inner voyeur! 

On my nightstand:

Tamra Wells has loved Charles Lane since her early teens, and he has loved her. The only child of a school principal and his socially ambitious wife, Tamra didn't let love keep her from her goal to become a scientist. She went on to college and then to Paris where she worked for five years before returning home, a beautiful and worldly woman ready to marry Charles, a brilliant young man in a family that owns more land than any other African-American family in Nanticoke, Maryland. This passionate and elegantly written novel is the story of a man and a woman who love each other and have everything except what they really want: a happy marriage. It is also the story of two families that are strong and loving, yet have their problems. Seth Wells, Tamra's father, is a respected school principal whose drinking habits create tension at home. The family stays together, but Tamra like many children of alcoholic parents, suppresses an anger that she can't verbalize. Charles's father, Harlen Lane, is a man of tradition who expects his sons to follow him, and Charles does, forsaking his own dreams of becoming a major league baseball player, to run the family farm. He takes on the task with a vengeance, determined to expand the modest business into a major agricultural complex. Two successful people raised in stable families, neither Charles nor Tamra see how closely they mirror the patterns of their parents' successes and failures. Despite their early - and continuing - passion over the thirteen years of their marriage they find themselves too often angry and resentful to see their own children frightened by the tensions of their otherwise comfortable household. Does their failure stem from Charles's relentless drive to succeed in business? Does it take its toll from a death in the family? Is a lecherous relative a contributing factor? Or is it all simply the let down of a college-educated woman who fears becoming "just a housewife"? 

I finished The Hurricane Sisters and will have a review after my book clubs meets tomorrow evening.  Then next up is a collection of Cozy Mysteries from Leighann Dobbs.  There are four titles; Ghostly Paws, Bake, Battle and Roll,  A Zen for Murder, and Dead and Buried.  I am really looking forward to starting these. 

As I was searching for a cover that I could share, I discovered that a couple of these titles are not the first in the series. That may be a problem for my OCD self. I will see!!


  1. I love Amy Poehler and listening to Yes, please! Glad you featured it. Happy Reading!

    1. I finished it this afternoon. "Smiling"

  2. Yes I must remember to get the Amy Poehler audio some time. Laughing at your OCD realising book is not the first in the series. I think that happens to many readers. Look forward to any thoughts on The Hurricane Sisters.

    1. A quick thought just for you on The Hurricane Sisters. I did like it. Felt a bit contrived at times, but it was an easy read and light enough that I could just overlook the "really?" parts.