Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wondrous Words Wednesday 4-27-16

Kathy at Bermuda Onion hosts Wondrous Words Wednesday. A chance to highlight words you find while reading or occasionally by listening. Share your words then link up with Kathy's blog so we can all learn a new wondrous word.

from The Chili Queen by Sandra Dallas

calumny   noun - an untrue statement that is made to damage someone's reputation; also: the act of making such statements

Welcome was satisfied they were telling the truth and he reassured Emma, " I don't doubt you. I do not believe you capable of calumny where I am concerned.

definitions from the dictionary embedded in my Kindle: Oxford Dictionary of English

from Witch is When It All Began by Adele Abbott

skip   noun   - skip  Brit   a dumpster

"The second thing I did was to grab the book of spells and take it to the skip. 

hob and paintwork

"You'd better put it on the hob" my mother advised. "The splash guard will prevent you from damaging the paintwork."

I understood that paintwork was probably the painted walls, but I looked it up anyway.

hob   noun -    a flat metal shelf at the side or back of a fireplace, having its surface level with the top of the grate and used esp. for heating pans.

paintwork   noun -  painted surfaces in a building or vehicle.

What new and interesting words did you discover recently?

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  1. I thought a hob had something to do with a shoe. I'll have to try to figure out how to pronounce calumny so I can use it. Skip sounds much better than dumpster. Thanks for playing along!

  2. I like calumny - I'm currently reading Big Little Lies, and there is a lot of calumny going on among the busy body parents of a private school.

  3. Skip is another word I now know as a dumpster, good words.

  4. Calumny has a certain tone to it when I say the word that makes it sound awful - just like what it means.