Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday Snapshots 4-23-16

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I am sharing photos today of some small boys in our family and their activities. Oh, and one of a recent activity of my own!

"Put me in Coach!"
 Little League has started!  My brother has been a Little League umpire since his boys were little. They are 35 and 24, and now the tradition continues with the grandchildren.

"You see a weed, he sees a wish!"

                                  This is my DIL's nephew. Isn't this just a precious photo.

                                                  "Sometimes you need to read the instructions.!"

And this precious boy is our son and DIL's grandson, our great- grandson. Gramma and pa sent him a kitchen, because boys need to learn to cook too. Our son is the cook in their family.

And finally, some cupcakes I made using an idea my SIL shared. My dear friend, Lynn in a quilter and an avid fly fisherwoman. I made these in honor of her birthday, yesterday. So easy, fish crackers, a pretzel stick and a squiggle of white icing on blue iced cupcakes.

She was tickled!

Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. Precious photos! You're right -- boys need to know how to cook too.

  2. Judy, The pictures of the little boys are darling. I had my little league days too, but didn't continue after my boys outgrew it. Here's Mine

  3. What lovely photos. I love the cooking equipment. What a wonderful gift.

  4. Love the dandelion shot. And the cupcakes too! :)