Friday, April 1, 2016

March in Review and the end of The TBR Triple Dog Dare!

Again I am behind in my book reading goal. Goodreads says I am 3 books behind. I have read a total of 10.5 books. Fifteen would keep me on my goal of 5 books per month. Yikes. I had better kick it in gear.


9. Of Moths and Butterflies by V. R. Christensen

     1. New to me author
     2. Women's Literary Fiction Challenge
     3. E-Book
     4. Already Owned: TBR Triple Dog Dare

10. Emma by Jane Austen

    1. New to me author
    2. Women's Literary Fiction Challenge
    3. Paperback
    5. Already Owned: TBR Triple Dog Dare

11.   Accidental Bachelor by Tim Holsten

    1.  New to me author
    2.  E-book
    3.  Already Owned: TBR Triple Dog Dare
    4. DNF - although the writing was decent, I grew tired of the macho dialogue.

12. The All -Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion by Fannie Flagg

        1. New to me author
        2. Paperback
        3. Already owned: TBR Triple Dog Dare
        4. not quite finished but almost
        5. Women's Literary Fiction Challenge.

I am linking up with Kathryn's at Book Date for Month in Review.

And this ends the TBR Triple Dog Dare. I was successful in only reading books already on my shelves. I did purchase a few, but they have not been read. One was inadvertently purchased as my great grandson, age 2.5 yrs, was playing with my Kindle. He hit the yellow button several times and purchased the next in a series. It's OK, I wanted to read it. But now I have to figure out how to put a child restriction on my tablet. 

A side note: I have been completing some quilting challenges since the first of the year. I have finished a Scattered Squares pillow, a Spring Wallhanging and a table runner for my daughter.

Table runner called Waffle Time and a matching placemat from the scraps.

So I haven't been entirely slug-like.

Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. Oh gorgeous quilting - love them all. Love that pillow. I hate how Goodreads sort of goads us about our reading, I could do without that little detail of how far behind or ahead we are!

  2. I still need to read Emma - I've only read 2 of Jane Austen's books - Pride & Prejudice and Sense & Sensibility. I do have Emma and 3 others of Jane Austen's sitting on my shelf - one of these days I'll get to them! Love your quilting projects...I wish I could do that.