Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday Snapshots - Road Trip 3-12-16

Every Saturday, Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads hosts Saturday Snapshots. It is a place to share photos taken by you or a family member or friend. Please do not use random photos from the web. All photos must be appropriate for all eyes and that is all there is to it. Post your photos, link up to Melinda's blog and enjoy what others have posted.

I am late to the party today. I had nothing to share and then we went on a road trip. A short trip, but we haven't been away from home for months. Our local quilt store closed last year, and then next nearest one (25 miles) closed shortly after. We do have a JoAnn's, so that helps a lot, But sometimes you need really great quality fabric. So when I saw that the weekend was going to be sunny, and nearly 70 degrees, I asked Mr Busy if we could travel to Buffalo WY to the quilt store. He agreed. So this morning after breakfast and chores, we loaded the dog, her water and bowl, our coffee cups and off we went. Buffalo is 69 miles on the interstate from our house. We got there, I purchased the fabric I was in need of and a Pat Sloan applique book ( that I really did not need, but wanted) and then had lunch at a local sub sandwich shop and then drove home. A short but welcome time away from the house.

This first photo is my attempt at another proof of Spring. We walked the dog before we left home and there were a couple of tiny buds on the wild rose bush on the corner near the Retirement Community in our neighborhood.

On our way to Buffalo, we could see the Big Horn Mountains in the distance. Still snow covered and barely visible here as the snow looks like clouds or maybe the other way around.

And here is the book I bought. Several friends are doing a BOM from the book and although I will not make a complete quilt, some of the blocks make great pillow tops or purses as the cover photo shows.

Hope you had a great Saturday. Is Spring making an appearance in your neighborhood?

Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you make from your new book.

  2. Spring is always such a lovely surprise. Enjoy your new book!