Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday Snapshots 1-2-16

Saturday Snapshots is a place to share photos taken by you or a friend or family member. The only other rule is that that must be appropriate for all eyes.

I only have a few shots to share this week. 

We don't exchange Christmas gifts. This year, however, we did "finally" get a proper entertainment center for the family room. The 55" TV had been sitting on Mr. Busy's grandmother's coffee table, temporarily for 5 years! We love the addition of the electric fireplace. It does warm some, but mostly it is cozy ambiance.

My DIL's mother lives in Arizona and the week of Christmas she decided to do some outside yard work. She took a couple of scoops of the gravel she was moving and then noticed this small heart shaped rock. Don't you just love when nature gives you a wonderful sign like this?  My SIL in SD collects nature's heart shapes. She has both actual shapes that she finds and also photos of things like clouds, leaves, shapes in branches.

Finally, I leave you with this fabulous smile that belongs to our middle great grandson. He received a couple of different workshop sets for Christmas. One of the sets contained a hard hat and goggles. His daddy has a new job this year and he wears a hard hat. So he was set to "go to work with Daddy". You will notice the overflowing toy chest in the background. He is the first grandson in his fractured family, so he is the recipient of lots of stuff. He has 3 sets of grandparents and several aunties and uncles. He is one lucky little boy! 

Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. Beautiful quilt on the table in front of your couch. Of course, my favorite picture is the one of your grandson. What a cutie! Christmas with children is the most fun of all, isn't it?
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    Sandy @ TEXAS TWANG

  2. Your great grandson is absolutely adorable!

  3. Your great grandson is so cute! Hope he had fun working with his dad