Friday, January 8, 2016

Review: Take Me With You - Catherine Ryan Hyde

Take Me With You
Catherine Ryan Hyde
Lake Union Publishing 2014
January 1-January 8, 2016

Every summer, August Shroeder, science teacher and recovering alcoholic spends his time off on the road. He owns a motor home and camps and explores and enjoys the art of Just Being. This summer is special. He had planned to spend it with his 19-year-old son, Phillip. Instead, he is making the trip to Yellowstone National Park with Phillip’s ashes.  Unfortunately, he has had a setback. His motor home has broken down and he is not even out of California yet. The few days spent parked in the repairman’s garage has yielded him some unexpected passengers, two young boys with nowhere else to go.

The story is of the bond that develops between these nearly orphaned boys and this lonely, burned-out teacher.  The summer is not without struggles. They must learn to trust each other, to listen to each other and to eventually love each other. Catherine Ryan Hyde writes beautifully poignant dialogue. And she paints a picture of all the places along the way. This is a deeply moving story of friendship and family. It will not be the last Catherine Ryan Hyde book I read. I did not read her book, Pay It Forward, but I did see the movie and I loved it as well.

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