Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wondrous Words Wednesday 11-3

Wondrous Words Wednesday is hosted by Kathy at Bermuda Onion's Weblog. It's a place to highlight words you come across while reading or listening. Write a post about words you like and link up at Kathy's blog.

My words this week, come from reading The Round House by Louise Erdrich.

1. catalpa- noun : any of a genus (Catalpa) of North American or Asian trees of the bignonia family with pale showy flowers in terminal clusters.

There were ash shoots, elm, maple, box elder, even a good-sized catalpa, which my father placed in an ice cream bucket and watered, thinking that he might find a place to replant it.

I know of course, ash, elm, maple, and box elder. I grew up in South Dakota, not that different from the setting of this book, in NE North Dakota. But I had never heard of catalpa. So I searched. I found lot of pictures and lots of information. Here is one picture I found

from the Arbor Day Foundation website. 

2. hummock-noun: a small hill
       a) a rounded knoll or hillock
       b) ridge of ice

Describing the subsidized housing on the reservation:  "They were surrounded by hummocks of weedy earth, no trees or bushes."

3. riffle - noun : a shallow extending across a streambed and causing broken water.

"...I would walk down the hill with the rifle and hide behind a riffle of chokecherry bush and box elder.
I don't think this word fits the definition, but I like it anyway. As a verb riffle means to leaf through hastily . You could definitely riffle through a group of chokecherry bushes.

Have you every heard riffle used in this way?  What wondrous words or unusual use of words did you find this week.

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  1. I thought riffle was a sound something makes. I knew hummock but catalpa is new to me - that tree you pictured is gorgeous!

    1. I was confuse by riffle too. But I like the sound of a riffle of bushes.

  2. The picture of the catalpa tree is beautiful. That's new to me too even though I spent most of my life in the midwest (Wisconsin, Kansas). The other two words are new too. I hope you enjoyed the Louise Erdrich book.

    1. I enjoyed the book a great deal. Now I am ready to read more of her writing. Have you read The Round House?

  3. I've never seen a catalpa tree, but I agree with Margot - it looks beautiful. Glad you included the picture. I'm with Kathy on riffle.
    My word this week = peripatetic. Know what it means? ;)

  4. The dictionary gave such varied definitions of riffle. And I have heard of peripatetic. I had forgotten the meaning. Looked it up: nomadic.

  5. The tree trunk is really pretty. Would like to see one. I've never seen one of these trees either.