Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wondrous Words Wednesday 11-18-15

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There has been lots of unfamiliar words in the news in the last 5 days. I can't remember where I was reading, but the word used was caliphate. The sentence was talking about ISIS and said they want a caliphate. So I looked up the word and found a dismal description. 

Caliphate - noun

: the office or dominion of a caliph

So I looked up caliph.

caliph - noun

: an important Muslim political and religious leader

I am not sure I am any smarter than I was before. But there was one comment on the Merriam Webster page that linked an encyclopedia article. It's here if you are interested.

So no other new words in my reading. Merriam Websters word of the day is:

onomastics - noun

As a student of onomastics, Gloria liked to keep track of the most popular baby names across generations.

1  a : the science or study of the origins and forms of words especially as used in a specialized field
    b : the science or study of the origin and forms of proper names of persons or places

2  : the system underlying the formation and use of words especially for proper names or of words used in a specialized field

Did you find any wondrous words in your reading this week? 

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  1. Onomastics sounds like a fascinating field of study! I'm not sure I really understand caliphate either.

  2. Good for you for looking up caliphate. I saw it too, but did not bother looking it up.

  3. For caliphate, I guess we can glean that ISIS wants control, to hold important positions. Let's hope they don't succeed. I too am proud of you for taking the time to research. Thanks for sharing.

  4. "Onomastics" is a really interesting word. Thanks.