Saturday, November 28, 2015

Saturday Snapshots Festival of Trees

Most Saturdays I try to link up with Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads to share some random snapshots from the last week, or month, or past. The rules are they must have been taken by me, a family or a friend, they can't be random public photos from the internet. They  can be any subject but must be appropriate for all eyes. 

Our community has sponsored a Festival of Trees every year for 24 years. The money raised goes to support the Campbell County Health Foundation, which includes Emergency Response Lifeline and Close to Home Hospice House.  I took pictures of some of the trees but not all. I used my cell phone, so they are not the best quality. 

 So simple yet moving. 

Stunningly Beautiful!

 Classically red and white but with snowman head and hands. 

 This one was sponsored by a local Steel supply. Completely cut from stainless steel except the top which is copper. Design and seasonal words were cut with a plasma cutter. Very cool.

 Lots of woodland themes this year. All very well done. 

This one was called Gone Glamping.  Aluminum tree, a cut out of a small travel type camper , cooler, red metal lawn chair. and lots of multicolored lights. 

 I did not much care for this one, but my granddaughter thought it was very cool. So I took a picture. Title is Nightmare Before Christmas. 

 This one was multicolored and each layer of color was decorated with a different theme. The bottom later is blue and patriotic, green is St Patrick's, orange = Halloween, etc. Original!

 For the last 12 years or so they have include wreath decorating too. They are stunning as well.

The plaque says  "we are all mad here". It was a Mad Hatter theme, 

There were lots more, Mardi Gras, Grinch, Toy Story, even one with a working model train. So may creative artistic people in our small city. There is no admission. All trees are decorated and donated by volunteers with sponsorship from various businesses. On Saturday there is a huge auction and the trees are purchased then, then mostly donated  to the hospital, or bank, or nursing homes. The Primrose Retirement Center where Mr Busy's mother spent her last 2 years, decorated a tree, it was purchased by a business for $1300.00 and then donated back to them to display in their dining room. 

This event always gets me in the mood to decorate and get ready for Christmas. Today my granddaughter and I will walk the aisles of the largest oldest craft fair in our area. We are looking forward to lots of looking. 

Are you finished with your decorating?  I know not all celebrate Christmas, but do you decorate for the holiday you do celebrate? I do not know. 

Until next time, 
Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. Beautiful decorations. I'm sure you're all set for Christmas. Have a happy thanksgiving weekend!

  2. What a delightful event! I'm looking into similar displays in my area and hope to attend at least one.
    We have assembled our Christmas tree but haven't started decorating yet. We'll do that today or tomorrow. It won't be as spectacular as the ones in your photos, but the ornaments hold a lot of memories.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  3. So pretty and creative and different - I love it! I will be putting up my tree in two weeks. Normally I would put it up this coming weekend, but I have too much other stuff to take care of....

    Linda in VA

  4. I loved the steel tree. Great idea for a fundraiser.

  5. From the first pictures, I thought they were tiny trees, but then I see that they are large. Impressive. Very colorful with lots of details. Thanks for visiting my blog.