Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday Snapshots - Mr Busy's Hobby and what I did this morning

Mr Busy flies Radio Controlled Aircraft. He has been very involved in this hobby for the last 8 years. In addition to flying at a local air field, he is involved in the club that promotes the hobby. Last weekend the local club sponsored a Fly-In. An event where fellow flyers come from neighboring communities to join the fun. I took a few pictures. It was very hot last weekend so I spent most of the time I was there in the shade.
Some of the guys ( mostly it's guys who fly, but some young girls and my granddaughter have given it a try) fly helicopters. Off in the distance you can see a small subdivison ( neighborhood). 

Our young great grandson loves to visit the flying field. Here he is offering a bottle of water to one of the ladies who was sitting under the shade canopy.  Also, his favorite words that day were, "Wow" and "Neat"
This picture shows some of the fixed wing aircraft. The blue and white one is a jet. It uses jet fuel and it was completely hand built by one of the members. He flew it just before this picture was taken. To quote my gr grandson, "Wow" "Neat"  If you look real closely, in the right hand middle of the picture there looks like a gray triangular contraption. It is actually a stealth bomber built by the same club member who built the jet. I think he is an engineer in disguise.

This week a friend gifted me some free crabapples. What to do?  Make jelly, of course. I haven't made home made jelly of any kind in many years. My canning supplies have been given away. But I processed the apples, and this morning made jelly. Thanks to my granddaughter who loaned me her canner. I think I may be the first one to use it, but she planted a huge garden so she will be using it soon.

Don't you just love the little "ping" that happens in your kitchen after all the work is done?  :)

Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. Impressive achievements...and creative! I haven't canned anything since I was a girl, but I recall fun moments and lots of chatting with my mom, and sometimes aunts, while we canned. Thanks for sharing...and here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  2. I enlarged your photos, and the detail in those model planes is amazing! What a great hobby for your husband and the whole family.
    Cooking of any kind is not one of my talents, and I'm impressed by your canning ability. I always think of pioneer women and how their families must have appreciated having fruit and vegetables in the wintertime when fresh produce wasn't available.
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog today.
    Sandy @ TEXAS TWANG

  3. What a lovely week! I haven't canned in forever. Good job!

  4. My FIL decided to learn to fly light planes in his retirement - Mr Busy's hobby is probably a safer option :-)

  5. The jelly looks a great colour. A plane club sounds great fun. We have an area in our local park that is set aside for plane flying (it is a big area), but I think it is sort of informal.

  6. You're very devoted to go out to watch model airplanes! Your jelly is such a fabulous jewel colour. I've heard of crabapple jelly, but never eaten any- do you just eat it on toast? Or are there other uses?