Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wondrous Words Wednesday 8-19-15

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My words today came from The Summer Hideaway by Susan Wiggs.

vassal    noun    : a person in the past who received protection and land from a lord in return for loyalty and service

They came to Camp Kioga like vassals summoned by a monarch, with George ensconced in a big armchair in the resort lobby to greet everyone.

bialy   noun

:  a flat breakfast roll that has a depressed center and is usually covered with onion flakes

George waited his turn, then ordered indulgently - a cappuccino, a kolache and an iced maple bar. He also ordered a box of bialys and a strawberry pie to go. 

I had to go looking for a picture of a bialy. The article said they are similar to a bagel in texture and originated in Poland.  You might also wonder about kolache. So here is a picture of them
My grandmother was from Czechoslovakia, so I am familiar with kolache. They were originally a sweet wedding dessert. My grandmother made awesome kolaches filled with apricots or prunes

What wondrous words did you find this week?

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  1. I came to read your post before breakfast. Big mistake. I no longer want my Cheerios. Those kolaches look amazingly good.

  2. I love the pictures - big help. But now, like Margot, I'm feeling a bit peckish...

  3. I knew the words today, the kolaches look tempting.

  4. I think I've heard vassal but couldn't define it. Bialy is new to me and now I want one.