Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturday Snapshots The Bad, the Ugly and the Good of the Season 7-4-15

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On Thursday this week, Mr. Busy and I were watching Longmire. ( His Father's Day gift, the season 3 CD).  The window were open, the evening was warm, there had been fireworks earlier in the evening. They are prohibited in our town, by the way, but I don't call the PD because it's dark and you can't really tell who is setting them off or exactly where they are coming from. I got up to get us some ice cream and noticed a orange/yellow glow. I moved to the patio door and saw flames leaping into the sky at least 18 feet. I yelled at Mr. B to call 911.

About that time, I heard sirens so knew that someone already had called the Fire Department. My husband decided to use the garden hose in the back yard to wet down the tree that stands directly behind our garage and about 2 1/2 feet from the neighbors hedge.  ( He is a retired volunteer fireman).

Long story short (Mr B says I lay every nail in the railroad when I tell a story ), this is a picture from across the street of our house. I had the dog and my purse and my cell phone , just as the FD arrived. The neighbors juniper shrubs were on fire from a smoke bomb the kids had rolled down the street.

This is about 5 minutes later and you can see there is just smoke , the fire is basically out. We did not lose anything, nor did our neighbor (except his hedge) and no one was hurt. So all is well, but it was close to our house and our neighbor's. Thankfully the FD responded quickly and there was no wind.

In the daylight it doesn't look  quite so scary, but you can see the burned remains of the hedge surrounding the front yard of our neighbor's yard. The large tree on the right is ours, and located directly behind our garage.

                                  On a happier note        Happy 4th of July. 
 This is a quick snapshot of our buffet, inherited from my mom when she moved into the nursing home. I try to decorate it with signs of the season each month if I can. I made the scrappy table runner to fit. It is only 36" across, short for a table runner.  The other things are just candles and a picture that were elsewhere in the house.
This is a little banner that I made last year. It makes me smile and hangs by my front door.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend. Let's make memories and smores!!


  1. Oh, wow, what an exciting evening you had! And happily it turned out okay. When I lived in the foothills a few years ago, we had some fire scares, which happened more often than we liked, and I remember having to wet down the roof, the yard, etc...and then we were blocked in and couldn't leave the area until everything was under control.

    Love your pretty Happy Fourth photos.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I am really frightened for tonight. Everything is tinder dry and our neighbors usually set off lots of fireworks. For that reason we are staying close to home this year. Ugh.

  3. Scary, glad everything turned out ok. Love you 4th photos!

  4. How awful to have a fire that close, that would have been scary. Glad you are ok, and hope that your neighbours haven't lost everything.

  5. It's so dry here in Western Washington that everyone is concerned about fires caused by fireworks. I'm glad you and your neighbors didn't suffer any damage and that the fire department responded so quickly.
    I like your table runner and banner. One of my goals is to create more little projects like those for all the holidays. So far I only have Christmas, autumn, and springtime table runners.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.