Friday, June 19, 2015

Saturday Snapshots. - My kind of flower

I am linking up with Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads to share a few snapshots. Check out Melinda's blog for the few rules. You know the drill. Only your photos or ones you have permission to share, appropriate for all eyes, and such. 

Last week everyone was sharing photos of the flowers in their yards on my FB feeds. I had yet to plant any annuals and have no perennials these days. So I posted these! 

I have 12 or so of these kinds of appliqued banners from Patchabilities. There is the perfect place for them between the front closet and the stairway to the basement. 

Then later in the week, I got busy and did some planting. So here is the hosta garden in my back yard. The hostas have been there for a few years and should be bigger, but we have had dry season up until this year. I added mulch and planted some free standing pots of impatiens. They add a little pop of white in the otherwise shady spot.

I know those of you who live in the Northwest or the Southeast where there is so much moisture and resulting green, probably don't understand, but getting even a little green in this high plains desert takes lots of work, lots of expensive city water and more than a little luck. 

 When I look at these photos I can see I need to do something to the retaining wall in the back. A trellis or maybe even a mural!
 This is another angle and I notice the paint needs to be redone on the shed siding!  "sigh"
This close up is a little better, mostly green and the pot of white. I am happy that I upgraded this little space this year. 

How 'bout sharing your green thumbs with me this week? 


  1. Wish there was an easy way to send you a little of our rain. We've had so much this year.

    Like your idea about the wall hanging flower!

    Here's my Saturday Snapshot!

  2. Nice Judy - it's amazing how rain helps the garden thrive.

  3. Love your inside and outside flowers. I live in Florida and my yard is mostly sand, so I put flowers in pots too.

  4. Bring your plants down here to New Zealand it's raining all the time now!

    - Linking over from Saturday Snapshots

  5. A mural on the back wall would be great! Good luck with your gardening- there's always something to do.