Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday Snaphots - Birds in my Sister's Yard and a tiny speckled flower.

Every Saturday, Melinda hosts the fun meme, Saturday Snapshots on her blog, West Metro Mommy Reads. The rules are few:  the photos must have been taken by you or a friend or family member, ( not something found on the internet), they must be appropriate for all ages. How much detail you share is up to you.  Post your photos on your blog then link up at Melinda's blog.

Today I am sharing photos taken by my sister. She lives in western South Dakota and stated with the first photo that it was a rare sighting of a female red crossbill.

This photo was taken in her yard, not sure what the container is, but you can see she hasn't planted all her pots yet. It has been so wet and cold. 

Feeding Frenzy at the backyard feeders  Red Crossbills
Also in her yard near an  old table built by her husband years ago and there are three feeders containing, safflower, niger and sunflower seeds. She said they seemed to like eating at her feeders. My sister is an excellent cook, so I agree. I like to eat at her house too. 

My brother's oldest granddaughter is five. She calls these little beauties, "wild speckled violets".  I do believe she named them very well.  She lives in Minnesota, I have not seen any in Wyoming, though I wish I would spy these beautiful little flowers. 

That is all my nature photos for today. What wonderful subjects have your captured lately? 

Until next time, 
Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. What a pretty little flower. The name does seem suitable.

  2. Looks gorgeous :) It feels weird to be seeing all of these articles about springtime when here in New Zealand it's going into winter

    - Linking over from Saturday Snapshots

  3. Capturing birds is tough and your sister did a great job!