Monday, May 18, 2015

Although I am not linking up with Sheila at Book Journey this week, I am using her button. I hope that soon, Sheila will feel able to again to host her wonderful meme. I miss her, and my prayers to out daily to her and her family.

Again this week I have made no real reading progress. Mr. Busy and I drove to  Ft Collins and back and listened to an audio book during the trip. We have 3 more discs to finish:
This is not the cover on the audio case, but I cannot find the edition on Goodreads or the Recorded Books site.  Dale Brown is one of Mr Busy's favorite authors. When we drive we pick a book he is interested in. It would not due, for his mind to wander or to get sleepy!  I can take this one or leave it. It is heavy on the the airplane descriptions and the use of pilot language.  The back story is a bit weak in my opinion.

I am still working through

My F2F book club is meeting tomorrow night, and for the very first time, I have not read the book. GUILT abounds!  I really wanted to read the selected read, The Ticket by Karen Schutt. 

When Karl Kessel receives another man's ticket to emigrate from Germany he leaves behind his young wife and two small sons, all for the promise of the opportunity he covets. Arriving in America, Karl is obsessed with becoming the owner of a farm--to be his own man. When Karl's wife Katja steps off a train with their sons in the wilds of sparsely settled Wyoming, she questions, "Is this where I am to spend my life?" Katja soon discovers that it is not only the geography of her situation which will make her life difficult, as she gives everything her husband demands of her, but it is never enough.
In her debut novel, Karen Schutte spins a compelling family story, based on the true story of her own great grandparents' life in rural Wyoming. Her unvarnished narrative exposes the harsh realities of life in the last century.
"The Ticket" is an unforgettable and touching account of a true American family, filled with ambition, promises, love and loss, and ultimately, a legacy of survival. 

I will keep plugging along, but this has been a difficult week. But I will not get too guilt laden about it. It is more important to take care of myself and get back to normal.

Until next time
Stay Busy and Stay Happy

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