Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wondrous Word Wednesday - Word of the Day

I haven't completed a lot of reading in the last several weeks. Still ahead of my goal to reach 60 books read this year, but not moving very quickly. I did complete the graduation quilt for my DIL and a small Christmas themed table topper that I started in October.  This week I will use the Word of the Day from my email from Merriam Webster.  You can join us at Kathy's blog, Bermuda Onion's Weblog and share your wondrous word for the week. Maybe you found more than one, that's OK too.

quidnunc:  a person who seeks to know the latest news or gossip, a busybody

"To spend time with a book in order to read scandalous revelations about real-life people is not an elevated or honourable thing to do, but it appeals to the gossip-sharing quidnunc in all of us." — John Walsh, The Independent (London), July 22, 2003

We are having company this weekend. Mr Busy's 3 nearest siblings are coming to help clean out the storage shed in which all of the remaining furniture and some extraneous stuff was placed after her death nearly a year ago. No one was able to do more than a small bit of clearing out at the time. Now they are coming from SD and Montana to help him complete the job. We will have fun after the work is done I am sure. 

Until next time
Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. I've known plenty of quidnunc's in my day. I'm off to figure out how to pronounce it!

  2. Yes, I got that word of the day email and will consult on pronunciation. Thanks Judy and good luck with your project!

  3. I'll confess to being something of a quidnunc myself. First thing every day I turn on the news. I want to know what's going on in the world. I don't care for the entertainment gossip, but I love political news. I like quidnunc better than "news-junky." Thanks Judy.