Wednesday, April 29, 2015

North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley

North of Beautiful is the story of Terra Cooper, high school senior who can't wait to graduate and leave her small town for college. The problem is her mom doesn't want her to go, her mom needs her to deflect the anger and cruel treatment from her father, and her father absolutely thinks she only needs to go to local Western Washington and refuses to allow talk of any other location.

This story is well told, and interesting in that all the chapter are named for mapping terms or cartography references. Chapter One is called Fate Maps,  there is on titled Here Be Dragons, and one titled Orienteering for Girls.  Another thing you need to know is that Terra is tall, blond and fit, but she also has a port-wine birthmark. That birthmark influences her whole life.

I loved that fact that this book was not dummied down for the YA genre. There are words I had to look up and words that were new to me. I hope that young people reading this book, take the time to look up the words that are new to them. The author does a good job of using the words in sentence structure that allows us to sort of know their meaning and in that way learn a new word. But I found the research of the words helped my understanding of the story too.

Terra makes an extraordinary discovery, that the Land of Beautiful is traversed with love, with acceptance and with understanding. I recommend this book for most of my friends, my husband however would not be a fan. Not enough action for him and way too many emotional thought provoking themes.

I gave it 5 Happy Hands! 

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