Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Already Home by Susan Mallery

Already HomeAlready Home by Susan Mallery
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am a new Susan Mallery fan. So far this is my favorite.

Jenna's marriage has ended. Her ex, Aaron, though charming and good-looking, had systematically destroyed her self-confidence and her creativity. So she has left L.A. behind, returned home to Georgetown, Texas and bought a store front to open a cooking store, Grate Expectations. But she is terrified. What does she know about retail. She knows kitchen, but selling and customers, Yikes!

Just as she thinks she has a handle on the store, ( she hired a quirky woman, who seems to know people like the back of her hand), her birth parents show up on her doorstep.  Why now, why at this late date?

This story has family, love of good friends and a hint of romance. It is a story about starting over while going back to your roots. It is about how love can change a person's perspective. This is the first book I've shed a tear over in awhile.

Now, do you suppose there will be another, so I can find out if Jenna and Ellington continue to build a relationship? Does Grate Expectations actually expand and make a go of it?  Maybe Violet can finally let go of her demons and find true love. Let's hope!

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  1. Love this author and looking forward to this book.