Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wondrous Words Wednesday. #315 from Still Alice by Lisa Genova

Every Wednesday Kathy hosts this wonderful meme. Join us at Kathy's blog, Bermuda Onion's Weblog to share new words you discovered while reading, or to highlight other words you wish to share. 

I found these while reading Still Alice by Lisa Genova. I loved it. 

1. concatenated: transitive verb - to link together in a series or chain.

"She enjoyed all of the concatenated moments of presenting in front of a listening audience --- teaching, performing, telling a story, teeing up for a heated debate."

2. saccade: noun - a small rapid jerky movement of the eye, especially as it jumps from fixation on one  point to another (as in reading) 

"Once they were outside, she meant to ask John what that awkward saccade was all about, but she became distracted by the gentle beauty of the cotton-candy snow that had begun to fall while they were inside, and she forgot."

3. meiosis : noun  -  the cellular process that results in the number of chromosomes in gamete-producing cells being reduced to one half and that involves a reduction division in which one of each pair of homologous chromosomes passes to each daughter cell and a mitotic division 

"What if she'd known that she carried this gene, this fate, in every cell of her body" Would she have conceived these children or taken precautions to prevent them? Would she have been willing to risk the random roll of  meiosis?"  

        I'm not sure I truly understand this term, but think it has something to do with the fact that a                 mother can pass the defective gene of the a disease on to her children. 

4. plenary: adj - a)   attended by all the people who have the right to attend.  b) complete in every way

"Speaking of the Alzheimer's Association, Alice, I just received their program for the annual Dementia Care Conference, and I see you're giving the opening plenary presentation," said Dr. Davis. 


  1. I'm pretty sure I've seen or heard plenary before but I couldn't define it. The rest of the words are new to me. I really want to read that book!

  2. Great words. How sad is the book? I've heard good things about it but I'm afraid to head down that road...

  3. That's a lot of new words for one book. Plenary is the only one I knew.

  4. Excellent words! I sort of knew meiosis. I'd like to read Still Alice.

  5. I knew two of them, plenary and meiosis.