Saturday, February 21, 2015

Late Valentine Week Post - Saturday Snapshot

I'm linking up with Melinda at West Metro Mommy Reads.  Last week, Valentine week, we were on the road. We put a lot of miles on my car, saw some interesting sites along the way. But we were on a mission, so did not stop for pictures. We were attending a funeral for my DH aunt. She lived to be 95 and she was a favorite aunt, so we felt compelled to attend. We traveled to Madison County, Iowa and I want very much to return to take time to see the Bridges of Madison County.

When we returned a cousin had posted some pictures that he found in my aunts things. They are old pictures, mostly taken by my father. He was an amateur photographer and even developed his own photos in a basement darkroom.

This one was not taken by him obviously, but it is my mom and dad in 1945. My mom always said my dad was the love of her life and this surely shows that sentiment.

This is my dad, my two brothers and me building a snowman. Did you notice Dad took his hat off to add to the snowman for the picture. This is probably 1958 or so. My youngest brother was born in 1955 and I think he looks about 3 here. Notice too, that I have on a skirt!!!!

This is a photo of the four jays, my dad used to call us. All our names start with J. This photo was on a Christmas card that year. I am in the middle holding the youngest, Jeff. We are left to right, Jane, Jeff, Judy and  Judd.

These photos bring back warm loving memories of my parents and my childhood.

Do you have old photos that bring back memories?

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  1. Such great photos of happy times. I especially like the snow picture. I'm sure you'll treasure them always and will relive those days every time you see them.
    Sandy @ TEXAS TWANG

  2. Oh, I love photos from that era...they are reminders of my own childhood and parents. Love that your names all start with "J."


  3. What lovely photos, particularly the first one of your Mum and Dad. They do look in love.

  4. Isn't it wonderful how photos can take us back to a happy place :-)

  5. What great family memories. That picture of your parents is just gorgeous.