Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wondrous Words Wednesday #215

I read this word, sibilant,  while reading the post for First Chapter First Paragraph Intros on Faith Hope and Cherrytea blog.

This is the second paragraph in the first chapter when I looked it up on Amazon.  I love the words in this paragraph, except to me the highlighted word seems odd. Am I just dense or is it whispered "sh" sounds?

"Armies of cedar and fir and hemlock marched up the foothills
of the Cascade Mountains, long limbs glowing with a peculiar shade of green I'd seen only once before:  when a six-carat emerald rolled across a stainless steel examination tray in the FBI's materials analysis lab.  That gem's green facets glowed with a hue so verdant, so luscious, it whispered sibilant promises in the ears of greedy men." 

sibilant :  having, containing, or producing the sound of or a sound resembling that of the s or the sh in sash 

The next two words I found as I started reading Glory in Death by J.D. Robb. 

perfidy: the act of betraying someone or something : the state of not being loyal

"So, she discovered my perfidy, and I had her lured to a dangerous neighborhood and ordered her throat cut"

avaricious:  greedy of gain :  excessively acquisitive especially in seeking to hoard riches

"The gray cat she'd named Galahad lay like a fat slug on the arm of the chair and studied Roarke's plate with bicolored, avaricious eyes. 

I should have known this as it is similar to "avarice". 

What new or interesting words did you discover this week?

Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. Sibilant does seem like an odd choice of words in that sentence - what kind of promises are sibilant? Great post today!

  2. I actually like the paragraph with the word sibilant in it. It seems very poetic - up until that word. It doesn't fit.

  3. I agree with everyone - the prose of that paragraph is gorgeous, until that word. Maybe it has another meaning we're not aware of? Good round up, thanks.

  4. I knew avaricious, I also agree about sibilant.