Thursday, January 1, 2015

My First Book of The Year: 2015

I have been waiting to start The Memory Keeper's Daughter. I committed to it being my first book of the new year on Sheila's blog, Book Journey. Go visit Sheila's blog and see the collage of picture of those of us who are joining in the fun. 

This book was passed on to me by a friend and it will also fit category #2, a familial relation,   of What's In A Name 2015 sponsored by Charlie of The Wormhole,  Her posts for this year's challenge should be up today, January 1st. 

When I have a review of this one, I will post it to the proper posting link at Charlie's blog.

So for now.....

Happy New Year &

Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. I read that one quite a few years ago, but enjoyed it. Hope you do as well.

  2. I am sorry I missed you on the first of the year meme, I made it to many blogs but not yours. I hope that you are enjoying this book, I bought it for my sister once but never read it myself.