Monday, January 26, 2015

It's Monday!. What Are You Reading? #415

Sheila's back and reading up a storm again!.  Join us at Book Journey to share what you are reading and to see what others are reading. This every Monday meme will most definitely add to your readings lists.

Last week I finished and reviewed  Curiosity Thrilled the Cat by Sophie Kelly. I was in California at a quilting conference and had intended to read 52 Cups of Coffee by Megan Gebhart. Well, electronically I had a very ugly week. On the airplane, as I put my phone on airplane mode, it began to cycle off and on, off and on. I dropped it into my carry-on and assumed it would eventually finished it's craziness and shut off. When we landed in CA, it was completely dead. I guess it continued it's hysterics until the battery ran out!  We could not check into our motel early, so our bags were secured in the concierges office and we all took a shuttle to the Ontario Mills Outlet Mall. Lunch at The Rainforest Cafe and many bags later, we checked into our room. I plugged in my cell and just assumed all would be back to normal. It was not, so I spent the rest of the week without a cell phone. I had tried to read 52 Cups of Coffee on the plane but discovered that the douwnload was not complete and in airplane mode I couldn't finish the download. So I opened a book on my Kindle that had been there awhile.
I was originally drawn to this book by the cover. I reminded me of the center of the town of Jackson Hole Wyoming. I wondered what it was about. So I started reading it and to my surprise the story is set in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Wyoming is the state where I live. I am enjoying this story, even though I was surprised at a small turn of events about half way through ( no spoiler).

I did get connected to the WiFi at the hotel and finished downloading. This will be a book I savor and probably will not power through. It is 52 small stories about people Megan had coffee with and the life lessons she took away from these conversations.

The night before I left on my trip I started reading The Goodbye Quilt
by Susan Wiggs. My kindle was packed, I had finished Curiosity Thrilled the Cat.  I had shared the First Chapter First Paragraph on Diane's blog quite awhile ago. It is a small book and I was immediately drawn to it. So this week, I hope to finish all three.
 I am exhausted from 4 days of classes, shopping, viewing amazing quilts, and wonderful lectures. We saw amazing quilts, I had hoped to share. We shopped at avenues of vendor booths, selling everything from longarm quilting machines to trims and pieces of sari fabric. We were entertained by Eleanor Burns from Quilt in a Day, we were mesmerized by Jenny Bowker and her stories of her life in Cairo and Syria and how she found and helped the women of these countries and came to know The Tentmakers of Cairo. Amazingly talented young men who are nearly starving because of what is going on in their world. She is also a talented artist and quiltmaker. You can check out her very low key blog at From there you could see her some of her quilts. 


Stay Busy and Stay Happy


  1. You know that Coffee book has my attention :)

  2. I think I have Above the Bridge on my Kindle as well. Sorry about the dead phone, but I hope you had a nice time at your quilting conference!

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